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Here at HeadBox, we believe that booking inspiring spaces for your client or work based event should be simple; it should be quick, seamless and hassle free, from beginning to end. We’re streamlining the process by removing the “middle man” of traditional listing websites by connecting our Guests directly with our Hosts, allowing them to instantly search, book and pay for a space, all in one place.

BOOK Unit Gallery

We pride ourself on the variety and consistent quality of our locations. We understand that every meeting, dinner and conference will be different for different people – one size does not fit all! For this very reason, we have based your search around “collections” of spaces, to be used as a starting point for your journey with us. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer guests something a little of out of the ordinary.  Dull surroundings are not conducive to kickstarting innovative trains of thought! They can even have the very opposite effect – don’t let a beige colour scheme or a prickly chair get in the way of a fruitful brainstorming session. A boardroom meeting shouldn’t be a bored-room meeting.

BOOK The Grand Saloon, Theatre Royal

This is where our INSPIRING SPACES to hire come in.

Included are a number of inspiring spaces for idea generation, brainstorming sessions and even away days, to energise your team outside of their normal office environment. Switching to a more creative and inspiring space motivates people to achieve better results, whilst boosting morale and productivity.