List Spaces to Hire, Write the Perfect Listing and Get More Bookings.

Here at HeadBox, we want to make searching and booking Spaces as simple as possible. The key to this is providing your potential Guests with as much information about the space as possible, so they can compare spaces with ease. We want to make sure that you’re presenting your space in the best possible light, to encourage your potential guests to reach out and enquire about bookings. For this reason we’ve dedicated a post to helping hosts fine tune and perfect their listings, making Spaces infinitely bookable!

Quality photos of your Space are essential to attracting attention and establishing trust between the Host and potential Guests. Images give the Guest the confidence to book a Space without having to see it first, saving time, effort and money on both sides. Good photography is a critical aspect of a listing, as it allows anyone, anywhere in the world, to view your Space and make an informed decision about booking your space.

Punctuation and Spelling
Along with the photos of your listing, the next thing a Guest will notice is the title of the Space. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that the title is spelt correctly, with correct punctuation and capital letters. These kinds of details may seem finicky, but they demonstrate professionalism and may be the difference between someone looking at your listing or skipping past it.

The description box gives you as a Host the opportunity to provide the most important details about your Space. This should include whether the price of the Space is indicative of a minimum spend or dry hire, and whether there are catering options available. Take care here to detail how the space can be arranged for different events, the times during which the space is open and any specific details that could convince your Guest that your Space is perfect for their event.

Correct Address
Make sure that your address is correct: the first line should be the name of your business, and the second should be the first line of the address. This is to ensure that Guests seeking a location through the search engine will be able to find your listing.

Cancellation Policy
At the time of listing, the HeadBox platform has three options for the Host to select as their cancellation policy, which will be applied to the booking in the case that a Guest decides to cancel. Take the time to read through the options below and pick the one that compliments your existing cancelation policy. In the unlikely event a Host decides to cancel our Guest Refund Policy will apply.

Features and Capacity
It is essential that the features and facilities which you select are all applicable to your Space. This includes everything from the availability of wifi, speakers and projectors, to cutlery, parking and air conditioning. Similarly, you must make sure that the capacity listed on the Space is accurate, so that the Guest can plan their event accordingly. Guests will search for a space selecting from the lists of Features, Facilities and Space Category. If you have incorrectly selected any of these options, your space may appear where it shouldn’t deterring your Guest from booking.

File Uploads
We have added a function to the platform which allows you to upload documents containing further information about your Space. Be sure to upload your floor plan, menus and T&Cs so your Guest has a well-rounded idea of what they can expect when booking your Space.

Final Publishing Stages
There are several details which must be included in the ‘My Account‘ section in order for your listing to be published.

–   Bank account details so we can pay your Space fees to you each month.
–   VAT preferences so we charge your Guest the correct amount for your Space.
–   Contact telephone number so that our Concierge team can reach you as well as your Guest.
–   Profile photo to build familiarity with your Guest and add a personal touch to the transaction.

Without all these snippets of information, you will not be able to publish your listing, and Guests will not be able to find your Space on the HeadBox platform! Below are links to some examples of perfect listings hosts have created.

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, or you would simply like to chat to a host about your listings, please get in contact with the Host Relations team. They will be more than happy to help!

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