Top Space Hire Hacks to Saving Money on Your Event

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Need to find the perfect event space on a budget?

Gerard from Accounts is trying to get hold of you. The flashing, vibrating appearance of his name on your iPhone screen is enough to fill you with dread.. Gerard never has good news. The last time he called was to tell you that the extra £500 in your account wasn’t a Christmas bonus, but a glitch in the system. What joyous news does Gerard have in store today?

“The budget for the summer party has been cut in two. Deal with it.”

“NOT THE BUDGET!!” you cry, (to yourself that is, no overt displays of emotion in the office).

Once upon a time, this very well may have been the end of life as you knew it. You would have had to herd the firm onto a coach, trawl down the M4 and stop in a field outside of Slough, accompanied by two crates of Fosters. But not any more. We’d like to calm your rising panic with the suggestion that an event on a budget can be done . . . it’s all about knowing a few tricks and tips to find the perfect event space that won’t cost the earth. Whether it’s thinking outside the box about the location, the date of the event or just knowing a couple of areas where you can save a few pennies, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you throw the perfect event on a budget.

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One factor which will really influence the price of your event is the location. As long as the event space is accessible, there is no reason why it really needs to be in Central. It could be the difference between having five options say, or only have one or two which are very expensive. Broaden your search to well connected Spaces outside of the most popular areas in Central London. Areas like Bethnal Green, Angel, Southwark and Camden aren’t as far away as you’d think.

Islington Metal Works

Day of the Week/Out of Season

Mondays and Tuesdays are typically far cheaper than the weekend. Similarly events held out of season, such as a Christmas Party in January, will be sure to save you lots of money! In these off-peak times, hosts will be more readily prepared to issue bespoke, discounted prices, so that their spaces do not remain empty!

Think carefully about catering

You can’t have your guests going hungry – that would be a travesty of the highest order. But if you’re budget is tight, you should think carefully about the kind of food you will be serving. Three servings of canapes isn’t going to fill anyone up. Three servings of bowl food however, which on average will each only be slightly more expensive than canapes, will leave your guests feeling very satisfied. Buffet?

The Den, the Collective


See a blank canvas Space as an opportunity to make it your own and tailor it to your event. If you go and visit the Space in the daytime try and picture it in an evening setting, full of people and with a few decorations around the place. The atmosphere will be completely different to seeing it in broad daylight! It doesn’t take much to spruce up an event space – a few flowers or table decorations and lights are all it needs to be transformed. And doing a bit of the decor yourself will give you the chance to put your mark on it too and make it unique to your event, rather than being constrained by what’s already there.

Dry Hire and BYO

“NEVER!” you say. BYO at an office event? Disgraceful. But you’ll find in today’s day and age, people will be far more receptive to bringing their own alcohol than they once were. Tradition dictates that you should be providing the standard prosecco, beer and chardonnay, but people are far more selective these days. If you’ve been put in charge with organising a drinks reception, why not try without alcohol? Spend your budget on a brilliant dry hire space and excellent food. Even Gerard from Accounts is looking significantly happier now he’s slurping down his home-brewed craft beer.
We hope we’ve reassured you that a lack of budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on throwing an amazing party – far from it. It gives you a chance to make it much more individual and all it takes is a little creativity and flexibility. For some more inspiration have a look at our collection of affordable spaces – our ready made best price collection makes finding the perfect venue simple!