Need some office Christmas party ideas for London?

There is a tendency for people to get crazy about their office Christmas party. Planning the event can mean you’re under a lot of pressure to get it right – the stress can mount! But don’t worry, we’ve got some office Christmas party ideas London that will save the day.

You’re faced with a seemingly impossible challenge and the dilemma that no one wants to go to last year’s venue, but equally no one seems to have any bright ideas about where they do actually want to go.

Regardless, they are absolutely sure that you will find that elusive, perfect, totally unique Christmas party venue.

If you’re organising the Christmas party this year you’re expected to have an abundance of inspired office Christmas party ideas.

An unusual venue hire London. A bookshop with books floor to ceiling.

Organisation is Key

We know it might seem early to be thinking about organising the party now, so far ahead of the actual event itself. Christmas is ages away.

But planning an office Christmas party is best done in advance. If you want the perfect venue, the decorations, the food, the date of your choice, now is the time to start thinking about it. You need to be one step ahead of everyone else to secure all your first choices!

And thinking about it now also means you can avoid all the last minute panics when really you want to be thinking about your Christmas shopping .

So get yourself in the Christmas spirit because we’re going to share with you some of our top work Christmas party ideas in the city and tips for a bit of inspiration.

The Basics

Thinking about how to throw a great Christmas party might be daunting, but the underlying things you need to achieve are really quite simple. You need to get everyone involved and you need to ensure you have chosen somewhere where people can have a good time.

A private dining venue perfect for your office Christmas party. A close-up shot of the dining table at the Ampersand, the table is set for dinner with Christmas crackers. There is a Christmas tree in the background.

Christmas Party Themes

When we say ‘theme’ we mean a colour scheme, decorations, and over-arching vision of the event.

There are tons of exciting corporate Christmas party ideas for London out there. You’ll just need to decide what route to take. Just decide if you’re going for elegant and cocktails, or casual pints and a dance floor. Work out the tone, and fit everything else around it.

Christmas Party Entertainment

Sometimes just getting all your colleagues in a room and giving them a glass of wine isn’t enough.

Nothing beats a bit of corporate Christmas party entertainment – music in the form of a DJ or a band is usually always received well. But have a think about other activities, channel the party games of your childhood – it might sound ridiculous, but trust us on this one.
Christmas party games, for example, could be an option whether it’s old school pass the parcel or Christmas trivia games are a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

A close up shot of a deconstructed, high end roast dinner.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Clearly the most important aspect of any office Christmas party. Or is that just us?

Take a bit of time to search around for catering companies and find one that will be the perfect match for your event and deliver the Christmas party food you’re looking for. Canapés? Buffet? Sit-down meal? Be aware of what your guests are expecting and try to match that.

A photo of under the hull of the cutty sark. The image shows the hull and the event Space below which has cabaret tables set up on it. The Space is lit up with purple and pink lighting.

Office Christmas Party Venue

Now, this probably really is the most important aspect of all office Christmas party ideas. And at HeadBox, this is what we do best.

Have a think about what you’re looking for and what would be best for your office Christmas party in London  – bearing in mind the location as well as the venue itself.

A warehouse in Hackney? A pub in Soho? Or a swanky bar in Mayfair? There are Christmas party venues to suit any event and any budget – just be willing to have an open mind about what you really need, and what you can be flexible on.