The Reality of Being an Event Planner

To outsiders, being an events organiser is a glamorous job with plenty of perks. It’s all about going to parties isn’t it? But we know being an Event Planner is much more than that.
It takes a certain type of person to be able to be a great event organiser. It’s a job for those who are truly passionate about throwing great parties and events – and here’s why!


Throwing a great event can take weeks or even months. There is endless planning and organising, making sure every requirement is catered for and every last detail is arranged.
But after all that time spent planning, on the day of the event, or the evening itself, the pressure and stress you feel is huge!
The success of the evening and the enjoyment of your client rests on your shoulders and the pressure is a buzz that some people thrive on.

Long Hours

You might not be chained to a desk until 2am, but you work long irregular hours. It might not appear to others that you’re working when they see snaps of you at parties every night of the week, but those evenings are work, not play!
The long hours are all worth it though when you see people having a great time and know that it’s down to your hard work and organisation planning the event. The joy of seeing all the planning come to fruition is the definition of job satisfaction.

Parties Just Aren’t the Same…

As an Event Planner, whenever you go to an event ‘for fun’ you never truly switch off. You’re always thinking about how you might have organised the same event or what you might have done differently.
And, for some reason, you always feel inclined to help out too. Whether it’s directing someone to the bar or helping them to find the toilets, you just can’t help yourself!
At HeadBox we understand the time and effort that goes into planning great events. We do our best to make it easier for you by providing an easy-to-use online service where you can search, book and pay for a venue online.