Why is an art gallery Hire for events a great idea?

Here at HeadBox we’re big fans of art gallery venue hires. And we want to highlight to you why they can be the best spaces in London to host an event!

1. Ready- Made Spaces 

The ready-made, better-than-anything-you-could-dream-of-creating-yourself decor. Where else can you have priceless art hanging on the walls of your event? It’s the kind of wall decoration you could certainly never afford to put on yourself, and we’d like to bet you couldn’t present it in such a coherent and beautiful way either…

2. Creative Spaces 

It’s an inherently creative Space. Creativity is in the very nature and purpose of an art gallery. Artists have poured creativity into the pieces they’ve produced, pursuing an artistic vision. It is near impossible when in a gallery not to feel enlightened and inspired.

3. Unique, open-plan Space 

The space itself is set up for hosting. Galleries often have wide open spaces that showcase the art to best effect. Most galleries keep the furnishings and the interiors behind the art itself neutral and minimalist, but also super stylish. This means plenty of mingling and circulating space for you and your guests.

4. Informal  

A gallery is always the classy, smart, cultured choice. It doesn’t mean it needs to be formal and stuffy, but choosing a gallery says something about the k
ind of party or event you’re throwing, and the kind of company you are.

5. Ultise Empty Space 

And, most importantly for our HeadBox values and philosophy, it makes use of otherwise empty space. Mall Galleries is a beautiful space, in a prime location, that only opens to the public during the day. By hiring it out in the evenings, the gallery can bring in revenue and continue to showcase amazing exhibitions, and a central London, beautiful space becomes available for you to borrow for an evening…

Want to find the perfect art gallery hire for events? Take a look at our favourite Spaces across the city here. 

1. Mall Galleries

A art gallery with a curved arch and white and black walls
Mall Galleries in Westminster have lots of vibrant exhibitions in their beautiful gallery Spaces. Mall Galleries provide a relaxed and inclusive environment where visitors and Guests can enjoy the art and the atmosphere.

2. Gallery, Oxford House

industrial warehouse gallery at oxford house

Oxford House in Bethnal Green is the Oxford House, accommodating up to 40 Guests, ideal for a networking event.

Pricing is based on dry hire and starts from £94 per day. One of the best cheap art galleries London has to offer. If you want one of the best art galleries London has to offer then this is a great pick! 

3. Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery Spaces 

A small art gallery with a slanted roof.

Gabriel Fine Arts Gallery can be hired from just £200 per day. Based in Canary Wharf, the two beautiful Spaces are available to hire for a range of events.

Contemporary art adorns the walls and gives your event an entirely unique feel. With approximately 650 square foot on the bottom floor, the art gallery accommodates between 30 and 70 people.