How to make co-working work for you?

Co-working is a buzz word of the moment. It’s all about open plan working environments, sharing desks and offices and hot-desking.
And often it’s a great fit for startups who don’t want to rent a whole office and have flexible schedules and working arrangements with their staff. But is it right for everyone?
Some teams thrive on collaboration and get most inspired by bouncing ideas off each other, discussing what’s upcoming and talking through ideas.
For many small businesses starting out that can be a very creative way of working. Other teams like quiet, privacy and the ability to work independently.
And this is true not just of teams, but individuals too. It’s not only related to the type of work your business does, it’s about the personalities who work there.

To Co-Work or Not to Co-Work?

Companies are now moving away from the two extreme models – totally open-plan offices, or conversely those that are made up entirely of office cubicles – to an environment that is somewhere in between.
The two extremes only cater to two distinct types of working – independent or collaborative working. Nowadays, progressive companies are trying to make offices a varied and inspiring environment.
Think quiet nooks for people to hunker down and focus, closed offices for client meetings and private phone calls and more open spaces for team brainstorms or those who like to work surrounded by the chatter of others. It’s all about having a mix of different situations and different people.

Change Your Environment!

At HeadBox, we like to think we’re experts when it comes to venues. We’re big advocates of changing the backdrop and putting your team in cool, inspiring spaces to get the best out of your team.
Not every business can afford to create their own bespoke working space, but you can take your team to new venues for time out of the office. Have a look at our collections for some great venues to hire for workshops, away days, meetings and more.