Here are some team away day ideas and activities. Our suggestions for how to get your team out of the office and get your colleagues energised, inspired and raring to get back to work.

Team away days are the best way to bring your team together.
London is full of exciting things to do and places to do them. There is inspiration on every corner. But, if you end up passing the same corners every day – working in the same place, with the same people, on the same tasks – it can be easy to feel that energy and enthusiasm slipping away.

1. An Activity Away Day

If you’ve ever played any kind of sport, you’ll understand the kind of energy that a bit of competitiveness can encourage. It’s a characteristic that when working together you might rarely see in your colleagues.
It can be good for breaking down barriers and pushing others outside their comfort zone, so our first team away day idea is to encourage a bit of healthy competition.
We love Bounce for an away day activity day. Ping Pong is something everyone knows how to play – the rules aren’t over complicated, it doesn’t have to involve great levels of fitness. And there’s drinks on tap for the inevitable post ping pong pint.

2. Out of Town Day Out

Not every team will benefit most from a high energy, pulse-raising away day.
If you think what your team really needs is to relax, take the pressure off and actually talk to each other outside the office then why not organise a corporate away day that’s more of a day trip, or overnight stay at an out of town venue.
A great team away day idea is hiring one of our country houses. Where your Guests can enjoy a relaxed supper or lunch, croquet on the lawn, a glass of wine or two – and bonds naturally forming between colleagues.

3. Low-Key Coffee Shop

On a similar note, but scaled down, a coffee shop Space has a relaxed vibe too and there’s something about the atmosphere that is inherently creative and inspires ideas.
For a lot of people, it’s where they choose to get work done, write a novel, read a book.  But they are also a great team away day idea, especially if you want to get the team out of the office to generate new ideas, this is the place to do it.

4. Inspire Your Team with Aesthetics

As you know, we’re big fans of changing the backdrop. So, one of our favourite team away day ideas is all about the creative Spaces.
And if the bunch you work with are creative, maybe an art gallery would be the perfect Space to inspire, enlighten and embolden. It’s an away day activity that can free the mind of restraints and allo thinking on a higher plane, beyond the practical and everyday.
north gallery with art on walls
So, think about the kind of people you work with and what team away day ideas would work for them. Look at how they work, how they interact and decide what kind of team away day or corporate activity would be most enjoyable and most inspiring for them!