What Does Your Workplace Says About Your Company Culture?

First impressions matter. And that includes first impressions of the office or where your work. What does your workplace or your choice of meeting venue, lunch spot or presentation space say about you, your team or your company? Everyone knows the oft-repeated idea that you make your judgement of a person, a place, anything, within the first couple of minutes. Your mind can, of course, be changed, but not without considerable persuasion – so it’s important to pick the right place!

How Do Outsiders View Your Company?

As a business, we think it’s important that your workspace or chosen venue for a meeting or event is a reflection of who you are as a company. You might feel like you understand your company culture pretty well, but for any outsiders whatever you present to them – be it your office or an offsite venue – will be the first impression they get of you and your team. This counts equally for pitches and presentations, lunches and interviews. You need visitors and guests to be able to easily grasp your company atmosphere and the personality of the business and team – especially if you might potentially be hoping to work together.

How Do Staff See the Company?

Seeing company culture reflected in where you choose to work is also important for company staff. How far can a company ethos be said to permeate the firm, if it isn’t immediately evident in where you work and how? A workplace or chosen venue can be a chance to practise what you preach and set an example of the values your company believes in.
If you would describe the company you work for and the product or service you provide as a creative one, it is inevitable that creativity in the workplace would be expected too. It is no doubt a staff of creative individuals too, so the office might have more shared working areas, plenty of open plan spaces and the regular ideas meetings and catch-ups in quirky offsite venues.

Take the Team Somewhere New!

Wherever you work, and however creative, sometimes spending a bit of time in a new environment can inspire and inject new energy. If you want to change up your backdrop why not take the team out of the office for a meeting, a dinner or a whole day of getting creative? At HeadBox we have a huge range of venues on offer that allow businesses to discover how new surroundings can spark new ideas!
If you want some suggestions on where to go to get your team inspired have a look at our workshops collection or meetings collection. Or, if you’re thinking about a whole weekend retreat, browse the country escapes!