Top Tips for Where to Go in Mayfair

Mayfair is a part of London that everyone knows, if only for being the most expensive spot on the Monopoly board. It’s a reputation that is reflected in real life Mayfair, which is a hotspot of affluence, luxury and expense. But, even if you can’t afford the rent round here, it’s a fascinating area for a wander, with plenty to do and see and some of the best restaurants and bars in London. If you need some suggestions on what to do, what to see and where to go in Mayfair, we’ve got the lowdown!

Restaurants and Bars

mazeWhen it comes to where to eat in Mayfair there is an abundance of high-end restaurants. A lot of the celebrity chefs have outposts in Mayfair. As you can imagine, this kind of quality does come at a price – and with a booking that you remembered to make a couple of months in advance. To name just one, Maze is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant in the area that specialises in European cuisine with an Asian flourish. After dinner, try a cocktail or two at the elegant Mews of Mayfair cocktail bar as the perfect complement to a premium dining experience. If celebrity chefs aren’t your thing, Gymkhana is a much-lauded Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, which is completely different in atmosphere, but no less smart. Sexy Fish and Sketch are another two top Mayfair restaurants to add to your list while you’re in the area.

Shopping and Ambling

Mayfair is full of shops, mostly of the expensive kind. For quintessential Mayfair shopping head to Bond Street. It’s lined with all the big designer names and many of the stores are worth going in purely for the experience, even if you have no intention of buying anything . . . Savile Row is another street that you can’t leave the area without visiting; if you’re looking for the best tailoring known to man this is the place to find it. Just around the corner is the famous Burlington Arcade, a stunning promenade of shops, selling only the best of the best. When you’ve exhausted the shops (and your money) and you’re deciding where to go in Mayfair for some down time, you can’t do better than Hyde Park, which borders Mayfair to the West. One of the Royal Parks, and one of London’s largest parks, too, it’s a piece of greenery that might just make you forget you’re in the city at all.

Cultural Hotspots

browns hotelFor those of you who don’t count shopping as a cultural excursion, there are plenty of art galleries in the area as well, including Castle Fine Art on South Molton Street and Halcyon Gallery. On the other side of Green Park, a little outside the strict bounds of Mayfair, is Buckingham Palace. Cultural hotspots don’t get much more iconic than this one. And for somewhere to stay in Mayfair that’s steeped in history (assuming you haven’t been offered a room in the palace itself) Browns Hotel is the place.
There’s no end to the things to do and see (and the amount of money you could spend), so whether you’re heading to Mayfair to see the sights or go on an expensive shopping spree, this exclusive part of London won’t fail to impress! For more info on exclusive venues to hire in Mayfair, browse the site or get in contact with the team on