Want to know the secret for successful event planning?

For most of you, we know that event planning isn’t the main part of your job. It’s probably not even half of it. But if you’re a PA, EA or just have to plan ad-hoc events at work, it’s something you’ll have to deal with. And successful event planning of a big event can make a huge impression and have an impact on your reputation. You probably already spend a lot of your time organising (who doesn’t!), but when planning a big event your skills and abilities are put on show for everyone to see and judge.
So, we thought it would be helpful to give you some of our HeadBox top tips for impressing and organising a spectacular event at work that goes off without a hitch!

  1. Plan in advance. The more time ahead of the event you can start planning, the better. Venues are likely to be cheaper and more available, caterers and staff will be able to be more flexible on timings and the details of the event. You’ll have far fewer obstacles to overcome – it will save you a good deal of last-minute panicking, stress and hassle!
  2. Stick to your budget. Get quotes from everyone you can before you make final decisions. Draw up a spreadsheet that divides up your budget and keeps track of what has been paid for and when, as well as keeping track of all invoices and email trails. Leave aside some contingency funds for those guaranteed unknowns, or forgotten things that will pop up. If you can manage a budget with ease it’s an easy way to raise your profile and show how much responsibility you can handle.
  3. Get your order right for food and drink. Have a clear idea of the kind of event you’re throwing and whether it needs fine wines and cocktails, or beers, spirits and mixers. Ordering the right amount is also crucial, so think about the crowd you’re hosting and what they’re expecting. Food can be an element of the event that’s very important to a lot of your guests. Think about whether or not canapés are appropriate, or, if you plan on providing something more substantial, whether there is seating space for people to be able to hold a drink, food and conversation all at the same time.
  4. Pick a convenient location. It’s all very well finding the perfect venue that also happens to be in a part of town that you know and love, but if it’s not close to the office or near train stations or tube stations, you’ll find a lot of people needing to leave early or not even willing to turn up because of the travel issues. And think especially about any VIPs and make sure getting to and from the event is easy for them.
  5. Finishing touches are important. Don’t be afraid of a venue that’s a blank canvas. Think about lighting, flowers, table decorations (remembering to factor costs in to the budget!) and try and visualise the space as it will look in the light at the time of day of the event. It doesn’t take a lot to take an empty space from somewhere sparse and bare, to a venue with a party atmosphere, especially when it’s filled with people having a good time!

So there you have it – the must-follow rules for successful event planning. Start here and you won’t go far wrong. For some spectacular venues that will inspire your next event, browse our venues across the UK!