Top Tips for Choosing a Private Dining Room

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A private dining room can be an amazing alternative to a formal meeting room or boardroom. They’re less pressured and can allow you and your client to chat and build a relationship, as well as discussing business.
So if the challenge comes your way to book a private room in a restaurant, you need to be prepared! When looking for the best private dining room in London there are so many options that it can be hard to know where to start.
Do you opt for the most exclusive restaurant? Or do you just want somewhere where you and your guests will have total privacy? You need to know how you can make sure you get it right and decide where to go for that all-important dinner.

Top Tips On How to Choose a Private Dining Room

A private dining room with a glass wall and low hanging lights

1. Keep a list

Look out for new restaurants and make a note somewhere of new openings that look promising – or any you didn’t know existed! – as and when you come across them. That way, when the moment arises, you’ll have some inspiration to start with. If you can, list them by location too so that you can easily filter down the search options. Everyone knows the classics, but being aware of the newest restaurants in London could put you one step ahead.

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2. Ask the right questions

When you start calling up to check availability, make sure you know what details you need to find out. Not all private dining rooms are the same! Is it completely private or semi-private? What is the room configuration? Is there a set menu? Are there any extra charges you should be aware of? There are plenty of variables that might just make one private dining room stand out above the others.

3. Estimate costs

Get together a rough price per head from all your possible options to help make a final decision on where to go. Factor in food and drinks so the final bill isn’t too much of a surprise on the evening itself. If you’re entertaining clients you definitely don’t want to get a shock when the bill arrives, so make sure you’ve got a good estimate of what it will be.

4. Read the reviews

If it’s somewhere you’ve never booked before, have a look at recent reviews in as many different places as you can. Obviously, it’s a good idea to take them with a pinch of salt but they can give a general idea of the how the restaurant has been received. And, even better, if there are trusted restaurant critics whose likes and dislikes you know often chime with your own.
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5. Finalise

 The day before the event, call the venue and run through all the last details to check that neither you nor they have forgotten anything. That way you can feel reassured it’s all taken care of! You want everything to be seamless and stress-free when you arrive.

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