Searching for an Unusual Event Venue in London?

Are you hunting around for an unique venue in London for your next meeting? Conference? Workshop? We’ve picked three unusual venues from our collections that will get your search started in any of these areas. We know that once the new year begins the serious hard work starts again in earnest. No more Christmas drinks parties, long lunches and team dinners. But, that doesn’t mean there can’t be an element of fun and creativity in your business offsites. With that in mind – here’s a few unique venues to inspire you!

Workshops – Huckletree

huckletree unusual venues workshopsWorkshop, Brainstorm, Ideation session – whatever you want to call it, the kind of qualities you need from a Space for these activities boil down to the same thing. You want a unique and unusual venue – a creative Space with room to think. A venue where ideas seem to just pop into your head unbidden and where the atmosphere is relaxed and collaborative. So – we give you Huckletree. Huckletree in London ticks all of these boxes, and a few more. It’s a shared working environment, with everyone from entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelancers. The air here is buzzing with ideas, so where better to host a workshop outside the office than here?


Conferences – Bounce

bounce conferences unusual venueWe will sing the praises of this unique conference venue all day long, and not just because we absolutely love ping pong. The phrase ‘conference venue’ doesn’t always conjure up the most inspiring thoughts. There’s a kind of stigma attached it that makes you immediately imagine lots of bums shuffling uncomfortably on seats and people squirrelling away packets of semi-stale biscuits to keep themselves awake. But not here. Bounce is the ultimate venue in London, where you have all the tech for the serious side of a conference – the PA system, projector and Wifi – but you have the added bonus of really great food options and a game of ping pong or two throughout the day. You can even extend into the evening and turn it into a party too – with more ping pong, beers and good music. Yes, that does still count as work . . .

Meetings – Ministry of Stories

ministry of stories unusual venues meetingsHere’s a playful idea for a serious meeting. A unique venue that will remind you to be imaginative and listen to others. The Ministry of Stories is a charity in London that runs creative workshops for children aged 8-18. So, the rules of the classroom are in play – no talking over others, listen to your colleagues and let everyone be heard. But imaginations and creativity are at the forefront. The perfect pairing of serious and inspiring. Meetings can be fun – you heard it here first!
This is just a flavour of the unusual venues we have in our London collection. Everyone loves somewhere quirky, unique and a bit different. If you’re going to take your team out of the office, make it somewhere inspiring. Choose a venue that’s out of the ordinary to help create extraordinary ideas. More more fantastic venue ideas take a look at our unusual venues collection!