Need advice on how to run a productive team meeting?

It’s hard to find time to plan and manage meetings when you’re juggling the demands of your workload. Your boss has asked you to plan another meeting.
Your to-do list is as long as your arm and you’re too short on time to organise something that will really inspire. Meeting room 2 or that coffee shop down the road will have to do.
Or, perhaps this time you could shake things up.  If you are short on time and tight on a budget yet need to hit your target with a bullseye, HeadBox has got you covered.
We’ve got some tips to really help you inspire the team and wow your boss in the process. Start to plan and manage productive team meetings with these top tips!

Change of Space, Change of Pace

Creativity is vital for innovation but it can be easily quashed by factors such as over-familiarity with an environment. We associate places we have been with how they make us feel.
If we’ve had a team meeting in the same place for the last 10 weeks, it is as likely to inspire monotony as lethargy than creativity.
Breaking away from the routine of the office and the habitual everyday behaviours associated with it can re-energise a team, unleash creativity and allow a flood of new ideas to create a really productive team meeting.
a room with a white block shelving unit housing colourful books and artwork and a Wide screen TV. A long meeting table surrounded by chairs and laid it water glasses and note pads sits in front of the shelves

When it comes to a meeting Space, we know well that one size does not fit all: the type of company and formality of the meeting will invariably determine the Space that you are looking for.
Lucky for you, here at HeadBox we’ve got loads of fantastic, unique and inspiring meeting Spaces that will be perfect, whatever you’re seeking.
We’re not saying that our Spaces will do your job for you, but they will save you time, unleash the creativity of the team and impress the boss.

Quirky meeting room with four red velvet chairs arranged around a low brown coffee table. There is a mural of grazing horses in a snowy setting on the back wall

Lose the Table

What makes a great and productive team meeting? The answer is simple. When people feel free to express their ideas, where your colleagues feel equal to one another is when you will get the best results.
You may be surprised how something as simple as losing the table can transform a meeting. The politics of the office can be left behind and the usual hierarchy can dissolve, leave your colleagues on a more level playing field, inspiring confidence to better express their opinions and creativity.
Large meeting room with pink cupboards and kitchen units. Three blue tables line the walls with small pink and green chairs tucked underneath. There is a colourful carpet in the centre of the room.

Plan, Plan, Plan!

Good planning is the key to an effective business meeting. Tailor your plans to who is attending, what would best inspire those particular attendees and how can you make it happen?
People try harder if they feel appreciated and valued. Attending a meeting while feeling some excitement and curiosity gives any meeting a head start. You could have some really delicious coffee and fresh-from-the-patisserie food.
If you have found a wonderful space, people should be able to enjoy it after the hard work of the meeting.
A strong agenda can go a long way. Too often meetings are arranged and the agenda is so loose that vague ideas float around and productivity suffers.
Make an agenda and stick to it. Setting time limits for each section keeps the team on their toes, and allows for quick-fire idea generation.
That added touch of time-pressure (and the knowledge that as a result, the meeting won’t drag on) creates a sense of urgency, which will encourage everyone to get involved and improve outcomes.
Finally, make sure the Space has all the necessary equipment, that it works and that someone knows how to work it and fix it. In this way, you can anticipate any potential problems arising and prevent them from stalling the progress of the meeting.

Bright and airy meeting room with four glass tables arranged into a square in the centre of the room/ Purple and blue perspex chairs are tucked under the tables. There is a wide screen TV mounted above a fireplace along the back wall.

Get started and host the most productive of team meetings

We believe that beautiful spaces can inspire your team to make brilliant things happen. So get started right away! Say goodbye to the boring and say hello to effective and productive team meetings!

If you would like to see some of our fantastic meeting rooms you can take a look at our London meeting rooms collection here.
If you need a hand finding the perfect spot, get in touch with our concierge team on, they’re always happy to help!


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