Unique party venues for unique events

When it’s time for the team to blow off some steam, why not try somewhere a little off the beaten path? From exciting to elegant, from the cool to the kitsch, we’ve been looking at London’s unique party venues that are ideal for team celebratory drinks.
Here are our Top 5 cool venues in London with a bit of a twist!

1. ABQ London – Breaking Bad Inspired Bar

An industrial style space with a beaker of liquid and a man in protective clothing.
Step inside the ABQ London RV to find one of the most unusual party venues in London.
Also known as the Crystal Ship, this DIY molecular cocktail lounge encourages you to try your hand at a little chemistry as you use dry ice or Nitrogen Cavitation to infuse your own Breaking Bad inspired cocktails. While Walter White watches over the scene, they provide the glassware, you supply personnel.

2. Mr Fogg’s – Evening Hire, Entire Venue

A large room with pictures and objects on the walls, a bar along one side and several mismatched tables, chairs and stools in the centre.
From the birdcage chandeliers to the elephant’s foot stool, the penny-farthings suspended from the ceiling to the well-stuffed leather couches, Mr Fogg’s mixes opulence and eccentricity to create a quirky venue for a memorable evening.
As the Mayfair residence of the illustrious British adventurer Phileas J Fogg Esq., the venue harks back to the golden age of the gentleman adventurer, making this informally elegant Space the perfect place to enjoy a stiff gin cocktail and celebrate a job jolly well done.
This is definitely one of the most eclectic and unique party venues in London!

3. Sarastro – Exclusive Venue Hire

A long room with two levels of tables and chairs in galleries along the sides, one long table down the centre of the room surrounded by chairs and bright coloured tablecloths.
An opulent feast for the senses located in the heart of the theatre district, Sarastro of Drury Lane has it all: exotic food, joyous music and exuberant colour. It’s a glittering display of passion, drama and excitement!
The dramatic surroundings feature souk-style lofted galleries, Tiffany-glass lighting, swathes of shimmering draperies and an eclectic mix of theatrical paraphernalia.
Whether dining on the grand main terrace or secreted in one of the intimate side-cubicles this London party restaurant is THE place to see and be seen. It’s a one-of-a-kind, unique London venue that’ll really impress your team.

4. The Bowling Alley, Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch

This shot shows a modern bowling alley with exposed brick walls and big circular windows. The lanes look clean and shiny, all the pins are the far end of the bowling lane are standing up right and there are 7 bowling balls lined up on the rack.
If you’re looking for cool venues in London – this is one of the best. The Courthouse Hotel is situated in the heart of the creative and buzzing area of Shoreditch. And, this Space itself has two dedicated bowling lanes and a bar!
If it’s unique London venues you’re after then it doesn’t come much better than this Bowling Alley. Enjoy a few games of competitive socialising over some refreshing cocktails.

5. Flight Club

a quirky bar has 2 big dart boards set up on the walls surrounded by booth seating. There are quirky light fixtures handing on the ceiling
Another unique party venue with entertainment on tap is Flight Club. Dedicated to the classic game of darts, but given an update in stylish surroundings, this is a one-of-a-kind venue. We think this is the perfect sociable activity to pair with a few drinks and plenty of mingling!

6. Dark Arch, The Brewhouse

a dark warehouse is lit up with orange and blue lights. There is a bar running along one side of the venue and a stage set up at the back of the room.
Definitely on the list of cool venues in London is this Space in East London. Not only does it have the benefit of being part of London Fields Brewery – with guaranteed great beers on tap – but it is also set under the railway arches. It has got a unique atmosphere and a relaxed vibe.
Haven’t yet seen your ideal Space on the list above? Why not peruse our site for some further inspiration for unique party venues in London. Or, our concierge team are always happy to help and can put together a list of possibilities tailored to your needs. Email us on support@headbox.com and we will send you a bespoke selection!