HeadBox is the proud sponsor of this year’s London PA Awards. We had a chat with the winner of last year’s ‘Star of the Future award 2016’ and current champion, Bobi Cooper.

Hi Bobi! Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a PA at PwC and have been with the company for just under 2 years. At the start of my career with the firm, I supported 33 senior managers as a secretarial assistant. This soon lead to a promotion, where I then took on the supportive PA responsibilities to the UK Executive Board during a time of significant change for the firm. In the recent months I was promoted again and I now support 3 Partners within PwC Banking and Capital Markets, with autonomy to make decisions on behalf of my partners.
How would you describe the London PA Awards?
I could use every great adjective out there to describe the awards and I still don’t think that they would come close to describing how great the event is, you really must come and experience it for yourselves. The support, atmosphere, hosts, sponsors, venue – everything creates an environment that makes the awards unique. They’re truly brilliant! Its a great way to network in a relaxed, fun setting and show your appreciation for your fellow PA’s all in one go!
How did you become a London PA Awards Champion?
I was nominated for an award in 2016 by my amazing team leader, during my first role at PwC. She provided an extremely well written summary of my career and combined with the votes that I received, her testimonial lead to me winning the Award. Amy Law (who founded the Awards) got in touch and invited me to take part this year, as a champion. I’m so thrilled to be involved again – I can’t wait!
What is your award this year?
This year I am a champion of the ‘Star of the Future’ Award. It was the Award that I won last year, so I’m extremely excited to be the one reading the nominations this time round and presenting the award to person who will be in the same boat that I was last year!
What do you think it takes to win a London PA Award?
Oh that’s tough! I don’t think that you can whittle it down to any one thing. If you could, we would all be award-winning PA superheroes!  I think that a multitude of qualities contribute to an award-winning PA. You should always aim to add an extra pinch of sparkle and show a willingness to help – that can go a long way.
I think it’s important to add that whether you win or not, you should be proud of the work you produce and your achievements. That pride will come across in your work and will help you go that extra mile.
What’s your favourite thing about being a PA or an EA?
There are SO many reasons why I love being a PA! I would say my favourite is being that second brain for someone else. It’s a great feeling knowing that another person has total trust in you to remember, action and complete things on their behalf. The variety is another positive – no day is the same and the uncertainty of what the day will bring keeps me constantly on my toes!
What are you most looking forward to about being a Champion this year?
I can’t wait to read all the nominations! Its so inspiring to see the acknowledgement and support that the London PA Awards foster in the PA community. I’m so excited to present this Award to someone who has shone particularly bright in what is an extremely demanding but highly rewarding industry.
What is the most vital tool you need to be an Award wining PA
Support from your fellow PA’s! I think it’s important to recognise that none of us know everything, as much as we might like to. There will always be someone else who will have that bit more experience and advice to offer. If we embrace each other’s expertise I think it shines through the results. Finally, ask questions, share ideas and network network network!
If you’d like to find out more about The London PA Awards or to make a nomination, visit the website here.