HeadBox is the proud sponsor of this year’s London PA Awards. We had a chat with Paul Marsh, a London PA Awards Champion.

Hi Paul! Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I’ve been a PA since leaving university in 1997, working in various industries including Media (I worked at the BBC for four years in my first ‘proper’ PA role on UKTV), Architecture, Banking and now Private Equity.  I’m very good at looking after people and I enjoy it!  My friends and colleagues describe me as kind and caring, with excellent attention to detail and as someone who ‘gets the job done’ – as such, I’m often given itineraries to do for holidays, helping out with weddings, parties, dinners and an array of other events.
How would you describe the London PA Awards in your own words?
The chance for PA’s to finally get a little bit of recognition, a fun night out with like-minded people and a great opportunity to network/catch up with other PAs you know.
How did you become a London PA Awards Champion? 
I took home the Private Individual PA 2016 award.
What is your award this year? 
Private Individual PA 2017 – I will be handing over the award to this years winner.
What do you think it takes to win a London PA Award? 
Dedication, influence, be personable and make sure you get enough people voting for you. Campaign!
What’s your favourite thing about being a PA or an EA?
Doing what I love every day. There’s nothing else I would rather do.
What are you most looking forward to about being a Champion this year? 
Handing over the award to the winner on the night. It’s a good feeling.
What is the most vital tool or support you need to be an Award winning PA?
A good network of PAs. I’ve built some fantastic relationships with other PAs over the years. And resilience. You have to be resilient.
If you’d like to find out more about The London PA Awards or to make a nomination, visit the website here.