Trying to find impressive corporate meeting venues?

When it comes time to make an impression, nothing can frame a meeting quite like the right venue. Are you looking for timeless elegance or a modern meeting room – something sparky and on-trend?
Does it need to be in the right part of town or are you looking for something just around the corner? We’ve found corporate meeting venues in London that offer stunning locations and plenty of on-site impact. Here are our Top 5! 

1. Eaton Suite – Private Meetings, The Capital Hotel

A room with large windows on one side, a round table in the centre covered in a white tablecloth with blue chairs around it.The Capital Hotel is proud of its 45 years of service offering outstanding staff loyalty, family heritage and a commitment to classic British design. An award-winning grand hotel in miniature, The Capital exemplifies warmth, understated exclusivity and personal attention to detail.
This is the atmosphere that only a privately owned luxury hotel can afford, without sacrificing any of the advantages of a large establishment. All of these qualities are showcased in the charming Eaton Suite, a chic, versatile room overlooking a delightful balcony garden.
The Space is decorated with subtle elegance in jewel blues, silver and natural oak finishes. This bijou gem offers a wholly bespoke service, making sure that every Guest receives the care and comfort they require.

2. The Library Room – The Ampersand Hotel

A bright room with modern art on one wall, a large bookcase covering another wall and a dark brown table set out in a horseshoe shape and laid ready for a meeting.The best modern meeting rooms combine a sense of occasion with state-of-the art facilities and that is exactly what they deliver at The Ampersand Hotel.
The Library Room is an airy, open, bright event Space decorated in the hotel’s signature eclectic design. This intimate snug is home to The Ampersand’s specially-curated collection of books, providing a unique interior style and inspiration for conversation.
Settle into one of its gorgeous emerald green, wing-backed accent chairs or chat around the private bar! This Space is kitted out with the latest technology and attended by a dedicated on-site event staff.
They are sure to bring an intuitive understanding of your needs to provide seamless support before and during your event to ensure a truly memorable occasion.

3. The Gallery – Lumiere London

A room with exposed brick walls, a large mirror on one wall and several stylish jewel coloured chairs, sofas and lamps.For a Space with a bold, dynamic, contemporary feel, The Gallery at Lumiere London is a corporate meeting venue that truly breaks the mould.
The Space features luxurious soft furnishing, exposed brick walls and a classy retro feel. The Gallery is a fully functioning studio, creative Space and photoshoot location.
It is also the home of some of Lumiere London’s wonderful roster of talented photographers and their own in-house production team. This innovative, vibrant environment is also fantastically versatile.
It boasts 173 square meters of wholly modular Space, making it the ideal place to showcase your team’s creative genius. Offering both external catering and on-site self-catering facilities, it is perfect for away-days and retreats.

4. Meeting Room #1, Meet in Place

Book a meeting room in London that is imbued with the warmth and charm of a living room. Meeting Room #1 at Meeting Place is the ideal location!
This attractive and inviting Space creates a casual, relaxed feel. It has mismatched chairs and fetching floral motif, accented by handsome, rustic hardwood furniture and its own dedicated bar space.
Complete with WiFi and a Full HD screen, this is a venue that offers both quiet privacy and ample room for up to 10.
Pleasantly bathed in natural light, this winsome room is the ideal place to gather everyone around the table for a languorous lunch or a sparkling afternoon meeting.

5. Hellenic Suite – Brown’s Hotel Mayfair

A comfortable room with large windows, framed pictures and bookshelves, a desk and a sofa and armchair around a coffee table.Brown’s Hotel has been the place to see and be seen in London since 1837, and the meeting place of choice for its most notable residents.
So where better to make a lasting impression on your important Guests? As all of the rooms at Brown’s, the Hellenic Suite has been decorated by Olga Polizzi, featuring a stunning mix of antiques and original modern artwork.
You’ll have everything within easy reach at the on-site Business Centre and valet parking is available upon request. The venue has private access via the Dover street entrance leading to sophisticated surroundings, award-winning facilities and first-class service. It’s easy to see why Brown’s has become synonymous with tasteful luxury.
If you’re looking for corporate meeting venues in London, but can’t see it above – don’t worry. If you need more help, our concierge team would be happy to create a list of options tailored to your specifications. Email us on and we can send you a custom selection!