As an event startup ourselves, we love seeing what else is going on in the industry. Our friends at Unicorn Events love an event industry success story and so this month’s blog is all about the startups and scale-ups leading the way in the industry.
Anything a little bit quirky is order of the day!


Now this is an event startup to watch. Robots. That is what Evotion do; they build and rent out Robots. Led by the lovely Delphine Gatzz (@DelphGz) in the UK, this event startup was originally set up in France and are now taking the UK market by storm.
Not only are robotics right on trend for the technological advances we are expecting to see this year they are also a total wow factor.
Evotion have both robots and drones to choose from and they can do anything from registration to synchronised robot dancing!


We miss the days of hand-written event invitations. Receiving an invitation in the post is a rare treat. Charlotte Pearce at Inkpact setup the company with the vision to bring back the power of the hand-written word.
The buyer’s efforts are still the same; fill in your text and press send, then real humans will handwrite and post all your event invitations, so everyone is personalised and individually addressed.
Even with our love of robots, personalisation will never go out of fashion.

Invite the Media

Invite the Media does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to invite specialised press, media and bloggers to your event.

Powered by a database of journalists and editors it selects the correct media for your business area and then invites them along to your event. It is particularly awesome for product launches and influencer marketing through bloggers!

Exquisite Cocktails

Okay, the boys are 100% not in scale-up phase anymore but they are breaking ground on amazing ways to serve cocktails at your events.

Why serve cocktails in liquid form in a glass when you could serve them with nitrogen ice cream or even eat molecular cocktails off a spoon?

The reason we really love the team here, is that nothing is too much trouble. Bespoke branded bar front? Done. Hot toddies served in a remote field? On it. Cute bar guys? Sure, why not?!

Heaps + Stacks

The totally cool ladies at Heaps + Stacks run workshops for events focussing on arts and crafts. All their workshops are designed to increase brand awareness and attendee engagement and provide an immersive opportunity to highlight your messaging. You can choose from their ready to go workshops or create something completely bespoke. We feel a unicorn workshop coming on soon!

Unicorn Events are a creative event agency delivering events all around the world. They love quirky ideas and are always on the lookout for something new and exciting to feed their curious nature.

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