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Our friends over at Headliner will be writing a series of blogs over the coming months about finding the perfect musician to accompany your event.
Headliner is an online marketplace bringing world-class artists together with bookers and event professionals. They’ve made it super easy to book live entertainment, whilst helping artists earn a sustainable living doing what they do best.
This piece shows the best party bands for hire for small venues.
'Top Acts for Smaller Venues'
The food, the entertainment, the venue… When these three elements all fall into place, you’re bound to have a successful event. But when your chosen venue has limited space, finding the right entertainment can seem a bit daunting.
After all, you don’t want the band to show up only to find out that they can’t fit themselves and their kit into the designated space!
Small venues have the potential to be intimate and enchanting, leaving visitors feeling like they have found a hidden gem. A musical act can be the icing on the cake and can really bring a small Space to life.
So you don’t need to cram a symphony orchestra into your intimate venue, we’ve put together our favourite Headliner acts that will fit right into a smaller Space!

The Solo Musicians

If you’re going for the acoustic laid-back vibe, there are tonnes of solo musicians who can provide you with the perfect performance.
The classic singer-songwriter artist is perfect for an intimate space, and will fit right in with the cosy atmosphere. From saxophonists to vocalists, here are some solo performers that are sure to impress your Guests!

1. Erness Sax  

man in white playing saxophone
Singers are not the only ones who can make a backing track come to life. One-man-band Erness Sax can lighten up any party.  

2. Cat Delphi

Cat Delphi standing next to wall
With a gorgeous voice and serious skills on the piano, Cat Delphi is the whole performance package.

3. Jayne Snow

monochrome image of woman playing guitar
Often referred to as Ed Sheeran’s female doppelgänger, Jayne Snow’s covers of both Sheeran and many others will leave you wanting more!  
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Get an Upbeat Duo

Unless you’re down with backing tracks and blaring vocals, it can be hard for a solo musician to play ‘dance your socks off’ music.
This is where a duo may be a better choice. With twice the energy (and noise!) a duo might just be the perfect act to get your Guests on the dance floor! From Cajon, to tambourines and egg shakers, get more beats baked into the performance for a high-energy event. Here are some examples of  the party bands for hire. 

4. Bird & The Badman Duo 

Bird and Bad Man playing guitar
With a voice that could melt butter, Bird and the Badman’s versions of your favourite songs won’t disappoint.

5. The Enigmas

The Enigmas party bands for hire
Proof that you don’t need a full band to raise the roof. The Enigmas bring heaps of energy to their performances.

6. The Shotgun Fakes

Shotgun Fakes stand against black wall  
Drums, guitar, piano and spectacular vocals are bundled to form Shotgun Fakes. This is another duo proving that you don’t need a six-piece band to play chart toppers and do them justice.
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Three’s a Crowd

While you may not have room for a full band, chances are that you’ll be able to fit a trio into your Space.
A three-piece party band will give a full and rich sound to fill your venue.
Whether it’s harmonies or maybe the addition of a double bass, trios can be playful and full of energy, yet still small enough to play background music when wanted.

7. The Dazzlettes

three red dressed women, The Dazzlettes
This Motown harmony group will charm, dazzle and add a vintage touch to any event.   

8. Beats & Pieces 

party bands for hire in studio
You can rest assured that the entertainment is in good hands when Beats & Pieces are performing. The trio can play more or less any song, and will have the audience at the tip of their seats, ready to dance from the get-go.
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So, there you have it, our  favourite party bands for hire. Hopefully, we have whetted your appetite and given you some great inspiration for the type of entertainment you can go for in a small venue.
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