Office design refers to many factors. There are so many benefits for office design but here are just a few.

Even though it isn’t always taken seriously by most entrepreneurs, office design is such an important factor for the productivity of businesses itself. This makes effective office refurbishment a key objective for entrepreneurs who aim to steer their company’s productivity upwards.

1. It boosts employees’ motivation

Managing office space has become an important factor in many businesses. This is because an employee’s surroundings can boost their motivation. They will not only be more productive, but they will also be comfortable in their respective work places.
Efficient space delegation can make employees more organized too and make them want to do things the right way without having to be supervised.

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2. It enhances the culture of the business

The culture of a business can be demonstrated through the office design.
Rather, it should be freedom for employees to go about their work with little distractions.
Therefore, virtues like respect and hard work can be infused in the business just through providing employees with adequate space to work.
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3. To provide better conditions for particular employees

Office design may not necessarily be determined by how big the office is but how every employee is allocated their space to work, either as an individual or a group.
Depending on the respective roles of each member of staff, some employees may be working solo and may not require unnecessary distractions. This makes it necessary for them to be allocated private rooms or separate workplaces.
Some employees may need to work in groups and therefore allocating ample space for them to have the freedom to go about their activities. Juggling individual tasks and tasks done in groups requires space to be delegated in a considerate and fair manner if the goals and objectives of the company are to be met.
Considering both situations, it is important that entrepreneurs make the right decision when it comes to space allocation. Ignoring the need for space can hamper the productivity of the business.
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4. To eliminate clutter

The presence of clutter on the floor can be a hindrance for employees. This is because it limits their movement and, in cases where things may need to be done in a rush, they will struggle to make things happen. Good office design will mean there will be limited stuff cluttering up desks, and floor Space.
This can minimise their output and lead to low productivity. Removing clutter and having a spacious office design is crucial in this case.

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5. To recruit and maintain top employees

When it comes to interviewing potential employees for a position within your business, a common misconception is that the employers hold all the power.
A lot of people don’t realise that candidates also take note of the office environment during the interview process. They may decide that the office space looks unprofessional or untidy which would put your company towards the bottom of the list should several different companies want to hire the said candidate.
On the other hand, a tidy and forward-thinking office design will make your company stand out from the crowd to potential employees.
You’ve got to expect that they are being interviewed for several jobs therefore do what you can to make your company stand out. If they receive multiple job offers, it may just give your business the edge over the others.
You’ve also got to think about keeping hold of your top talent.
If an employee who has been at your company for a number of years has seen little development when it comes to office space and design, they may start thinking that the company isn’t progressive.
This may result in them looking for jobs elsewhere.
A meeting room with grey table and chairs, one glass wall and a screen on the wall

6. To suit employees needs 

The needs of an employee and how suitable the allocated space they receive is important. It is important to understand the reasons as to why some employees need more space than others.
With this, it is easy to delegate Space depending on the requirements of every worker. This is because some employees need more space while others need less. To meet these demands, a complete office refurbishment may be necessary to solve the conundrum.
Employees will have a tough time trying to adjust the office to their needs. Their needs may depend on their health and comfort.
For example, those with physical disabilities will perhaps need more space than others. For any members of staff who need a wheelchair you will need to think about accessibility issues. Therefore, it is important to consider their human limitations too, for everybody’s best interests.
A co-working space with sofas and desks.

7. For infusion of new technologies

The final point relates to the ever-growing presence of forward-thinking technology in the office.
Productivity may require the infusion of new technologies like touchscreen devices and Wi-Fi. This necessitates the need or availability of freedom to move around. Therefore, a cramped office space would not mix well with certain technology.

About the Author

Carly Chandra is the Business Development Manager at Saracen Interiors in London. She has held the position for several years and has a great passion for interior design and content.