We’ve pulled together our 14 favourite event planning blogs that all event professionals should follow. Learn something new and get the inside knowledge with these best blogs for event professionals. 

As an event planner, you’re there’s an endless supply of fantastic content available to you. There are plenty of event planning blogs to choose from.
The industry is brimming with insightful and thought-provoking articles. You can always be learning and developing your own skills. But it’s hard to know where to start and who to trust.
Here are our favourite blogs we think all event professionals should follow.

1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is an event success software for modern planners. Bizzabo is an event planning blog that gives your team all the necessary tools you need to create amazing events. It also generates insights to help your events grow in ways you didn’t know existed.

Bizzabo is the ideal
event planning blog if you want detailed and informative information from industry professionals.
You can even find a guest post from HeadBox on there about the 8 proven event management tips for corporate event venues. 
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2. Social Media Today

Social Media Today is all about, you guessed it, social media. From social media updates to helpful insights into how social media can help your event strategy. Social Media Today has lots of helpful tools.
It’s easy to sign up to their newsletter and get the updates straight into your inbox.
In the ever-changing spectrum that is social media, it’s paramount to stay on top of updates. Which is why Social Media Today is one of the best event planning blogs in the industry.  

3. Event Manager Blog

Next up we have, EventMB which is an important online resource for event professionals around the world. It has become an invaluable tool for trends, technology and innovation in the event industry.
The three main sections of EventMB are:

  • How To Articles
  • Trend and Event Ideas
  • Event Technology

EventMB also offers light-hearted content which is just as useful, such as ‘18 Event Floral Displays for Maximum Impact’ and ‘17 Eye-popping Balloon Art and Sculptures’.

They cover all ends of the event planning spectrum on the Event Manager Blog.

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4. Hello Endless

Hello Endless is a production and AV company which provides all the latest technologies to power your events.

Everything from lighting to top of the range audio, Hello Endless has it all. Their blog is also a one-stop-shop for everything event planning. 

Hello Endless aims to offer tips and tricks on all things AV. With articles ranging from insight into digital innovations to the must-have event tech.

One of the best event planning blogs, Hello Endless offers plenty of insight. 
 You can even spot a HeadBox blog on there which is all about experiential events

So, make sure you bookmark this one and check it out regularly  

5. Plan Your Meetings

PYM blog is designed to educate, empower and inspire meeting planners.  It provides resources and new ideas event professionals might need to better plan meetings and events. Plan Your Meetings is event planning blog which is not to be missed.
Regularly posting content PYM includes helpful articles on:

  • Dealing with budgets
  • Meeting and Event Design
  • Event marketing
  • PR
  • Project management

The articles include insightful information on all things meetings. Find tips for achieving high levels of engagement, strengthening ROI and real options for professional growth.

So, if you need a one-stop shop for all things meetings, PYM is definitely the one.

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6. MeetingPlay

The MeetingPlay Blog is one of the best event planning blogs to stay up-to-date with the world of event technology. 
Articles included on MeetingPlay range from tips on AV planning, insights into how meeting apps make networking easier and top ten tips for meeting planners.

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7. Planning Pod

The Planning Pod blog offers great advice on everything to do with planning. Articles include ‘the best way to pitch event ideas to executives’ and ‘7 bold and brazen ways to boost attendee engagement.’

Vast and detailed, Planning Pod has at least one article on every imaginable aspect of event planning. So, be sure to get your pen and paper at the ready and delve into an endless plethora of information.

8. Conference news

The purpose of Conference News is all in the name. It provides useful information, not only for conferences but all things events. Meaning it’s one of the most useful event planning blogs around.

They offer tips on everything from successful networking, how to choose your event technology and achieving that all-important work-life balance.

Conference News also provides industry thought pieces on wellness and gender equality in the industry.

Their blog is short but sweet and provides some great insight into the industry and some pieces that will really get you thinking. 

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9. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a state of the art technology platform which allows you to manage all your ticketed events with ease.
Generating content every week, the Eventbrite blog is home to all things events. A fail-safe event planning blog every prof should be following.
Often with a focus on ticketed events and how best to market and plan your event so it will always sell out. Eventbrite is perfect for profs who need insightful knowledge on the ticketed events industry.
Not only that, the Eventbrite blog creates informative content on changes in the industry or related industries. For example, the change in algorithm on Instagram, event trends around the world and how to create a micro influencer event marketing strategy.
Eventbrite is one of the industry favourite’s event planning blogs so check it out here.

10. Conferences That Work

The Conferences That Work blog is the go-to place for the latest posts on conference design, facilitation and peer conferences.

As well as providing useful content on the best practices for organising a conference, audience engagement and conference evaluations.

Some of the posts might be quite lengthy but they always provide unique and engaging ideas. The Conferences That Work blog also provides topical content on world events and thought pieces on the events industry. 

It’s well worth a read for some engaging and thought-provoking content about the industry you work in.

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11. Event Industry News

Believe it or not, the Events Industry News blog is the go-to place for all the news in the events industry that’s hot off the press.
The blog is split into useful sections such as :

  • Brand & Agency News
  • Concert and Touring News
  • Conference News, Event Technology News
  • Exhibition News
  • Event Festival News

Covering almost everything in the events industry. This event planning blog also has a dedicated section for Guest Blogs meaning you can also get insight from other industry professionals including festival organisers and marketing professionals.

We interviewed the Co-Founder and Editor of Event Industry News, Adam Parry, to ask him all about the blog and how he started this event profs hotspot.

12. Busy Event

Busy Event is a mobile event app which aims to deliver mobility for your company. The Busy Event covers topics such as mobile event technology, slightly more niche than the other blogs but nonetheless important.

Busy Event explains the benefits of event mobile apps, the different ones you can use and how technology can help support your event planning.

Busy Event is perhaps one of the more informal
event planning blogs, making a nice read for your morning commute.  

What’s great about Busy Event is that the blog tries to solve real-life problems event professionals face. It’s full of relatable and engaging content for every event professional.

Two women looking at a laptop

13. EventProfs

The Event Professionals blog is all about meetings, incentives, conferences and industry news. Event Professionals is a detailed and informative blog that includes topics such as industry updates, how to guides and event technology news.
Event Profs is perfect if want to be ahead of the game and up to date with everything that’s going on in the events industry around the world.

14. Smart Meetings

For the B2C event planners, Smart Meetings includes everything from the best holiday destinations, events, technology and meeting planning.

An all-round great resource, smart meetings also features lots of contributions from industry professionals with interesting and insightful perspectives.

15. HeadBox

HeadBox is the one-stop-shop for all your venue finding needs. Covering all the best venues in London and beyond, you’ll be sure to find the best venues around.
Not only this but HeadBox gives you all the industry insight you’ll ever need, from how to be a good event manager, to how to take meeting minutes, we have everything you could ever need as an event professional.
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