Event Management is a tricky business. Like most professions, it takes a lot of skill in time management, exceptional organisation and great interpersonal skills. As an event planner, we know putting on a one of a kind event can be an exhausting process. You find yourself working all hours of the day to make sure every detail is executed perfectly and to work through every little bump in the road.
We’ve come up with some top tips on how to be a good event manager. Whether you’re just starting out or you need a little help navigating the ever-changing industry. We’ve got your back. We’ve investigated what it takes to be a modern-day event manager and how to nail it, so you don’t have to.

1. Be a clear communicator with clients

This may seem obvious but miscommunication in the events industry can result in a number of problems for both the event planner and the client. Even a simple misunderstanding can have damaging results. As an event manager, you are the first point of contact for everyone. From the venue manager, suppliers, your colleagues and even the Guests.
Communicate your thought processes and ideas clearly and succinctly as from the Event Manager’s perspective.
There’s nothing worse than getting vague instructions or an unclear vision. From the ability to explain your event to potential vendors, to understanding the desires and concerns of a client, your communication skills are key.
If you cannot communicate clearly, professionally, and directly your event will always fall short.
Above all keep calm, no one benefits from a stressed out event manager. 
Women speaking with microphone in front of crowd

2. Learn from every experience

As you move through your career you will, naturally, experience ups and downs. You will have positive and negative experiences and things will always go wrong. This is expected and is also a good thing. Every experience is a learning curve it will allow you to develop and it’s how to be a good event manager.
Experience is everything as an event manager. The more the events you’ll organise the more your knowledge will grow and your events will only get better and better.

3. Creativity is key

Communication and organisation is key but so is creativity. No one likes to attend boring events, so look for inspiration outside your industry. What are other people doing? How can you make it your own? How are you going to stand out from the crowd? This will probably involve multiple team planning sessions where you can brainstorm ideas and really think outside the box.
Creativity is also key when something inevitably goes wrong. In your career no matter how diligent you are planning an event, things will occur that are out of your control which means you will have to think outside the box and get creative with your solutions.
Being flexible and creative will help you provide solutions to your problems. Again, this may seem an obvious top tip for an event planner but it’s surprising how many people take the easy road and repeat the same, tired events.
People experimenting in Science Museum

4. Event Planning Software

Embrace technology. Using technology to your advantage is how to be a good event manager. There’s no way you can do all your budgeting, to-do lists and your overall plan all on a single spreadsheet without becoming completely overwhelmed.
Event management software can help you manage your budget and your deadlines in a dynamic way.
For instance, Asana is a great tool that you can use to assign and track tasks within your team, with online softwares like this everyone is on the same page and your team can work collaboratively all towards the same goal.
Another great resource to check out is Bizzabo, a holistic platform that gives your team all of the needed tools to create award-winning events. Bizzabo includes everything from actionable analytics to streamlined operations it’s a great event management software which will help aid your event management no end.

5. Finding a Venue you know and trust

Event Managers spend so much time on site visits it can often detract your time from other important jobs. Here at HeadBox, our dedicated Account Managers are on hand to help you find the perfect venue to fit your brief.
Which gives you one less thing to worry about and allows your eyes to be opened up to all the new and exciting venues across the city. With an extensive inventory of London Venues our Account Managers will be sure to find the perfect venue for you.
Sourcing the right venue is not only important for you but also your Guests. The venue is the first impression your Guests have of your event and it has the opportunity to be a powerful lasting impression on them too.
So think about your audience and the aim of your event.
So do you want an unusual venue, perhaps an indoor mini golf venue or maybe an old school cinema screen? Maybe you need your traditional conference room or perhaps an intimate workshop Space. We have it all.

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6. Think like an attendee

It is easy to become detached from an event which you become so consumed in from a strategic position. Stop and think about your event from the attendee’s point of view. Thinking from different perspectives is how to be a good event manager.
What will they see first? How easy is it to navigate? How many toilets are there? Perhaps run through the event plan with a colleague, as a pair of fresh eyes may help you spot problems before they arise!

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7. Be a trendsetter

Innovation is key in the events industry. The circuit can be small and many people go to the same events. Being innovative allows you to be memorable and that’s on the top of everyone’s wish list. Incorporating groundbreaking technology into your events is a top tip for successful event management.
Everyone is looking for new and exciting technological developments and people want to see something they never had before. Perhaps you’ll try something super sophisticated like augmented reality. Or maybe may you want something novel like a portrait producing coffee machine? Be bold, and think about what will leave a lasting impression.

Restaurant space with leather booth seating, round tables and wood panelled flooring

8. Networking

The events industry is built on connections. Becoming a successful event manager also means becoming a great networker. The more connections you can make the better. Ultimately, you never know who you might need down the line so make sure you don’t burn any bridges.
Treat every encounter like a networking opportunity and you will go far and be sure to make some interesting and important connections. If you want some tips on how to network flawlessly take a look at our step-by-step guide to becoming a flawless networker.
So, there you have it. Our top tips for how to be a good event manager. No matter what stage you’re at in your career these helpful tips will help you learn and develop. After all, it is an ongoing process. If you need a venue for your next event, start by looking at our collection of London venues here.