How to increase your 5* venue reviews

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Providing an unforgettable service to your Guests can play a huge factor in your success as a Host, both on HeadBox and as a business. When your Guests feel you’ve taken the time to ensure their event was as painless as possible, they’re more likely to spread the word about their experience at your venue and may leave you a glowing 5-star venue review.

We’ve found that the best Hosts on the HeadBox platform build their success one Guest at a time.

If you read our article, Power of Social Proofing, you’ll know how powerful online reviews can be for your venue. 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and this will include event planners. The business advantages of social proofing are undeniable, so it’s crucial that you are getting those 5-star venue reviews coming in all the time.

The importance of a review system on platforms like HeadBox is of utmost importance to ensure you, as the venue Host, are getting the credit you are due. That’s why we implemented a review system on the HeadBox platform. After every event booked via the marketplace, both the Guest and Host are prompted to leave a review for one another.

As such, we’re giving you a few tips and tricks of the trade so that you can get more 5-star venue reviews.

Hospitality is about making people feel like they belong, and the events industry is no different. As a venue Host, you create unforgettable experiences by spending time thoughtfully considering how your Guest would want their dream event to be. And you try your best to accommodate and build that vision with them.  
Let’s dive into these key factors to venue and event management and find out how you can give your Guests a 5-star experience.

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1. Make Guests feel like they’re being accommodated

Most Guests that enquire about your venue will have a particular vision in mind for their event, whether that’s a corporate conference or a personal celebration. Potential bookers will often have a very particular idea in their mind from the offset.

As the venue Host you want to make sure you are as accommodating to these ideas as possible (whilst still sticking to your venue policies of course!).
Always think outside the box and see how you can make something work to the best of your ability at your venue.

In initial conversations about this enquiry try to anticipate every scenario that could occur, whether that’s things that could go wrong or things that have happened at other similar events. You want your Guest to feel at ease with you organising your event.

Having solutions and action plans already figured out in the early stages for these scenarios can be very helpful for both you and your Guests.  

2. No hidden surprises

No one likes to feel like they’ve been misled. Throughout the entire enquiry and booking stage of your Guests event, make sure you are always transparent, open and honest.

Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things can’t be helped, but if you let your Guest know as soon as possible and manage their expectations, they will be a lot more accommodating when it comes to leaving a review at the end of their experience.

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3. Be personable and professional

Try to remember as much as possible about your Guests. If you’ve been conversing over email or phone calls and you’re finally meeting them for a face-to-face site visit or meeting, make sure you’re ready and prepared to discuss all aspects of your previous conversations.

When you meet for the first time you want to seem as professional as possible, so being able to recall all the previously discussed aspects of your conversations is key.

It goes without saying, but there’s nothing worse than getting someone’s name wrong when your email thread is already 20 emails long. For B2B events you also need to remember the company, the enquirer’s job title and the business objective for the event before they arrive for your first face-to-face interaction.

To appear as professional as possible, ensure that you are always highly organised. Organisation is extremely important in this industry, so appearing disorganised can be damaging.

If you are arranging a site visit, for example, make sure you book the date and time of the site visit in both your own and your Guest’s diary. In the calendar invite to make sure they know exactly where they need to go and what will be happening at the meeting. This not only makes you look professional but also like you are keen to meet them and to help them with their event.

The Guest’s journey when booking a venue for their event can be a long process. There will be a lot of back and forth and negotiation involved before you get to the contract stage. So try to follow these tips as much as possible throughout to ensure you get a perfect review at the end of the event.

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Here are a few key questions you should consider at every point of an enquiry. These questions will not only help you convert that deal into a booking but also get a great review from the Guest.

When the enquiry comes in:

  • How can you make this work at your venue?
  • Do you honestly think that this venue is suited to your Space? Or is it best to say let them know from the beginning that you can’t accommodate this type of venue?
  • Are you listening to what the Guest wants and what they envision?
  • Have you considered every aspect of the event and how you can make it work?

Site visit and introductions

  • Have you diarised the site visit and invited your Guest so you are both aware of the time, address and date of the meeting?
  • Have you read over any previous emails, communications or notes on this enquiry to ensure you are fully prepped for the site visit?

TOP TIP: If you can, get the venue set up in the layout they requested so they can really tell that you’ve been listening and are already thinking about how you can make this event work.

In the lead up to the event

  • Will they need any additional information for the event? E.g. Access points, fire exits or other processes they should be aware of?
  • Are you and your team fully prepared for the event?

TOP TIP: If this is for a larger event, diarise a call a few days before the event, or a meeting with the Guest, to run through timings and make sure you are both in agreement and coordinated.

After the event

  • When the event has ended, what one feeling should your Guests walk away with? What can you do to encourage this?
  • Have you followed up to make sure everything was as they expected?

Remember: These tips aren’t the only way to be a successful Host on the platform. But our most successful and positively reviewed Hosts have used these methods time and again. Adopting a few of these top tips will ensure that your Guests leave you a glowing review once their event is over.

And hopefully they will booking your venue again in the near future!