Corporate team building activities ensure you’re getting the very best out of your team, and help inspire confidence in and out of the office.

Finding corporate team building activities can be tricky. Finding the balance between social and business can seem like an impossible task. Especially if you want to make a good impression for new employees or corporate clients.
HeadBox is here to help your next corporate event encourage and inspire your Guests. With a list of some great corporate team building ideas, sure to inspire interesting and innovative ways to get your company event off the ground.


Everyone loves a cocktail. So, hosting a corporate team building event in a bar or themed drinks venue is the ideal way to spark conversation and relax with your colleagues.
Though it can be tough to find a Space that isn’t too informal, with the fizz flowing, your Guests are sure to be kept in high spirits.

1. ABQ London, Breaking Bad inspired bar

A Breaking Bad inspired bar in Shoreditch, London
Calling all TV show fans. Treat your Guests to a taste of the ‘Breaking Bad’ action at London’s very own ‘Breaking Bad’ inspired bar.
Dinner and drinks are all well and good, but can you imagine the conversations that will arise out of an event hosted at ABQ London? Get your Guests ready for DIY mixology surrounded by the mist of dry ice in a room full of bright Hazmat suits and gas masks. Immerse your team in some interactive cocktail-making to unleash your creative side and get everyone involved.
The cocktail twist on this London party venue is sure to mix up your next corporate event.

Away Days

2. Wonderlab, Science Museum

People experimenting at Wonderlab, Science Museum
Add a scientific twist and host your next team building event at Wonderlab.
This interactive gallery means that your team will be able to get involved with live experiments and demonstrations that reveal the beauty of the science. This away day idea introduces a new experience and a talking point between colleagues.
Interactive and educational, this corporate team building activity ensures that your Guests remain entertained and interested throughout. You’re sure to be a hit in the office with this idea.

3. Sir John Soane Museum

Sir John Soane's Museum, a space full or ceramic statues
Corporate event ideas just got artistic at the John Soane Museum.
Drinks and canapés are served in the Library-Dining Room or the yellow Drawing Rooms. See the Dome area and the 3,000-year-old sarcophagus of an Egyptian king, as well as the famous Picture Room, which holds masterpieces by Hogarth, Turner, and Canaletto.
An expert member of staff will provide an introduction to Soane and his eccentric house before Guests are invited to explore the ground and first floors of the candlelit Museum at their leisure.

Outdoor locations

If you’re a forward-thinking events planners or a manager who’s always looking ahead, these outdoor venues create an incredible atmosphere for team building exercises in the summer. 
Country House venue hire offers exquisite indoor Spaces as well as stunning garden areas. Host a training day inside and enjoy a spot of sportsmanship outside, the perfect way to round off a team away day.
From sports day themed away days to friendly team rivalry between colleagues, an outdoor event ensures you get the best out of your team.

4. The Orangery and South Parlours

Queen's House with topiary swirl trees, Royal Museums Greenwich
Themed corporate team building activities are a win at big country houses, so why not make the most of this venue and host a Stuarts themed away day, with games from the 17th century. Get the team spirit surging through your colleagues with games of blind man’s bluff, lacrosse and croquet on the lawns.
The interior and outside areas are both available to hire to help your corporate team building ideas come to life. If you’re using the venue for a training day for new employees, what better way to round off the day with a game of rounders? Soak up the sunshine at The Orangery and South Parlours.


Particularly for training days and introducing new employees, friendly competition is a great place to start. Corporate team building with added contest into the mix means that your colleagues and trainees will form bonds with their teammates.
If you’re looking to inspire sportsmanship and confidence in your team, a bit of light competition is the best way to do it. Add a cocktail here and there, and you’re guaranteed an incredible experience.

5. Flight Darts

Flight Club in London. A darts bar with large brown sofas, exposed concrete walls and dart boards.
Aim for bullseye and hire the whole venue at Flight Darts Club in Shoreditch.
Treat your Guests to a team building event that’s bound to score. For excellent icebreakers, Flight Darts Club is a top choice. From cocktails to competitions, your colleagues will be kept in high spirits at this London venue.
This venue is perfect for socialising, so if you’re hosting a party after a training day, this is the place to be!

6. Puttshack

Puttshack is an interactive mini-golf bar. A large green mini-golf station
You’re guaranteed a hole in one at Puttshack. Competition will be fierce but the fun will be even better.
With an abundance of cocktails and cutting edge technology that’s made mini golf far more exciting, this venue is the perfect place to host a party. In the winter months, you’ll need a venue that’s warm and welcoming, and that couldn’t be more true at Puttshack. Whether you’re introducing colleagues to new employees or hosting a company away day, this venue has team building at its centre.

7. Bounce, Old Street

Bounce old street. 3 ping-pong tables in the middle of the room.
Take sides and treat your team to a fast paced game of ping pong. An away day sure to satisfy the table tennis lovers in your team.
Feel the competition go back and forth at your next corporate team building event at Bounce. In a Space that never stops moving, the energy at your next corporate team event is sure to be lively. Take part in doubles tournaments to form bonds between team members in a team building activity that won’t disappoint. Put your management team head to head in singles games to get the friendly competitiveness flowing.

8. Haydock Park and Aintree

Adding some friendly competition when it comes to betting can also be a great way to energise an away day. Haydock Park and Aintree are two superb racecourses in the North West with a collection of fantastic Spaces in which to host an event.
Enjoy a create morning of work before racing gets underway in the afternoon and allows you to place a few bets. At Aintree, the Jockey Club is one of the racecourses premium event Spaces. Ideal for meetings, the suite offers stunning views over the track and has its own private bar and coffee area, while Haydock has the Davies Suite which comprises of 2 small meeting rooms that can connect together.

Food Inspired

If you end your away day with a delicious dish, then everyone’s a winner. Cooking, baking and eating ideas for corporate team building make sure your colleagues work together to produce something sumptuous.
Everyone loves a feast, so they’ll all be on board to get involved with the teamwork it takes to cook up a storm. Food inspired team building also allows your colleagues and employees to find a common ground in skills they learn on the day.

9. Jenius Social

People making homemade pasta at Jenius Social
Liberate your inner Masterchef and get your team bonding and indulging in great food at Jenius Social.
Jenius Social offers team building activities such as the Mystery Box Cookery Challenge, where you split your group into teams and first partake in a company-based quiz. Then, the winners get to choose their box of mystery ingredients first. Your teams will race to prepare a two courses in one hour and then be judged by top chefs!
The culinary team-building events at Jenius Social also include made-to-measure cookery classes no matter what your cooking ability, ranging from Mexican Street food to Sushi. If you’re looking to turn your team into cooking whizzes, you’ll be able to at Jenius Social.

10. Dim Sum Masterclass

An image of people making homemade dimsum.
In a cocktail of culture, learn a new skill and break the ice at the same time. Ping Pong London is the perfect place for a team building day.
If you’re short of corporate team building ideas, look no further than Ping Pong London. Get together with your team and experience Chinese cuisine like you never have before. Learning a new skill and indulging in some great food is the perfect way to start a conversation between colleagues, and to enjoy a relaxing evening for everyone.

11. Cake baking Workshop

A large cake with pink icing. A hand is holding a piping back next to it.
Bake and bring home the spoils of your next team building event.
Bring together your team through baking. Get competitive or creative with your colleagues for corporate team building like no other. Introduce a theme to your away day and host a Bake Off with your company name at the centre. Take this opportunity to snap some great shots for social media and introduce new employees or existing colleagues to the great energy and atmosphere that your company has.
Corporate team building makes the most out of the bonds you make as a company. Large or small, your team will benefit hugely from some well-deserved breaks. Whether you choose to take your team on a country house away day, or get the competition flowing with a game of darts, our list of ideas will get you started on how best to motivate your colleagues.
Introduce new members with an event that will leave them encouraged and excited to work for your company. With existing colleagues, these team building activities will serve as a reminder of the great relationship you have as a group, and will surely benefit the workforce as a whole. So, why not get planning your next corporate team building event, and reap the rewards?


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