Here are our top tips for hiring the best screening rooms London has to offer.  

Whether it’s a state-of-the-art theatre with all the latest technology, or a contemporary event Space with great AV facilities, finding the perfect screening rooms London has to offer can be a tricky business.
Luckily for you, we’ve not only uncovered some of the best screening rooms London has to offer, but we’ve also got some top tips on all things to consider. This way, you’ll have all the best help on hand for your next screening room hire.

screening room at Mondrain London

1. Style

From consumer events like film premieres, to corporate events like training sessions or AGMs, the style of the Space is of vital importance. Whatever reason you have for hiring a screening rooms London, you need to make sure the style of the Space reflects your brand. There are plenty of options to choose from, so have a good look through our collection and find the perfect room for you.
Traditional screening rooms, usually in cinemas, are great for conferences or corporate events. Using a venue that is primarily used as a screening room on a daily basis will give you the benefit of on-site staff who know exactly what to do with all the equipment.
If you hire a screening room in one of the top London hotels, you also have the added benefit of in-house catering and accommodation. These screening rooms have the perfect location for any business clients who are travelling in for the event.
If you’re planning a workshop or ideation session where a screen is required, it’s great to think outside the box to get the creativity flowing.
Look for unique London venues that can be transformed into screening rooms, but that have a dual purpose. Using top of the range AV equipment, these Spaces can give you an alternative backdrop to your event. Go for the quirkier, more creative Spaces that will give your event a cool and informal atmosphere to help your brand stand out from the crowd.
IMAX cinema Leicester Square

2. Screening room size

Visit the venue beforehand and see if it can transform into a range of different layouts. This will give you a wider range of options and help you choose the best Space for your specific event requirements.
For a presentation or workshop, you might consider a cabaret style layout where everyone can see the screen. This way, all of your Guests will be able to see each other, so engagement will be at an all time high. Always ask the events team at the venue what they think is best for the number of Guests in attendance, and for the type of event you are hosting.
You will have an idea of how many people will be attending your event, so make sure your venue has enough room to comfortably fit all of your Guests.
If you’re hiring a screening room for a meeting, then you will have to be more accurate on seating as people will generally expect an allocated seat. However, if you’re hiring the screening room for workshops where people are more likely to walk around the Space, then you need to think a bit more carefully about the size and layout.
Not only will you need to consider how many Guests you will have on the day, but you’ll also need to think about how many members of staff there will be. This might affect how comfortably everyone can fit inside the Space.
The screening room may be the perfect size for all your Guests, but once your front of house or security teams are included, it might suddenly feel a little overcrowded.
We’d always recommend overestimating the capacity you think you’ll require, so that the event doesn’t feel too claustrophobic.
screening room at the Everyman Islington

3. Facilities

On your site visit to your chosen London screening room, make a checklist of all the facilities you will need for the event. This will allow you to have an exact idea of what is and isn’t included.
For example, if the screening room is being used for a presentation or small conference, then you will probably need a venue with small breakout Spaces. These are perfect for lunch breaks or networking, as well as a reception area for Guests to sign in.
Make sure that you speak with the events team and find out if additional rooms are included in your Space fee, so as not to incur additional costs.
For a film screening, you might want to consider a small drinks reception area for when Guests arrive. It’s important to check out the in-house catering options that are available at your chosen venue as well. If they do not offer this service, they will probably have some recommendations for different catering companies that they have previously worked with.
Having a networking Space for your Guests to gather in before the screening is a brilliant way to build excitement for the film. It’s also a perfect area to get the conversation flowing about the screening afterwards.
screening room at Somerset House

4. Equipment

Equipment is a key part of any event hosted in a screening room.
Try to check the equipment before the event, as you don’t want to arrive at the venue on the day and be unfamiliar with how it works.
Make sure you know exactly what is and isn’t included in the venue hire fee, in terms of the equipment, as you don’t want any hidden surprises on the bill at the end of the event. Most of the equipment you need should be accessible at the venue. However, if there is anything that you need to provide yourself, then make sure you organise this in plenty of time. Also, be sure to check that it is compatible with the equipment at the venue.
We’re sure that if you cover these key things to consider when hiring a screening room in London, your event will be a huge success! HeadBox has a great collection of screening rooms all across the capital, so make sure you take your time and find the perfect one for you!


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