Explore our collection of some of the most unusual party venues in the Irish capital. 

Dublin is a fun, dynamic city packed with quirky bars and restaurants. If you are searching for a unique setting for your next party then look no further than these top unusual party venues in Dublin.

1. Brewers’ Dining Hall, Guinness Storehouse

open food hall with wood tables.
For the ultimate private dining room experience, choose the Brewers’ Dining Hall at the Guinness Storehouse. This impressive, historic venue features all your favourite Irish dishes (and Guinness, of course!). 
Gather your team at spacious tables and celebrate in style, surrounded by a lively and welcoming atmosphere. No matter the size of your event, this truly unique private dining Space is sure to wow your Guests.

2. The Orangery, Cliff at Lyons

Conservatory party space with red carpets and white chairs
For a one-of-a-kind private party experience look no further than the Orangery at Cliff at Lyons. The dining room of this sleek gourmet restaurant can accommodate up to 40 Guests.
The focal point of this botanical-themed Space are the glass walls, domed ceiling and unique menu, specially-crafted using the produce of the day. Guests can expect delicious menu items, including rosé veal from Kildare and Galway oysters, courtesy of Chef Nathan Diamond.
No matter the style of your next private dinner or event, the Orangery is guaranteed to impress your Guests.

3. The Jar

Bar with large ceiling floral arrangement
The Jar is located on the vibrant Wexford Street and is the perfect venue for your next party. What makes this makes this venue so unique and unusual is its edgy decor, combined with a floral-filled ceiling installation.
Guests can expect an extensive food and drinks menu that includes everything from oven-baked pizza to classic wines. What’s more, this dynamic Space can accommodate anywhere from 20 to 200 Guests and can cater to a party of any size or style.

4. Idlewild Bar

Trendy bar with bright green seating and exposed brick walls
Nestled in the heart of Fade Street, Idlewild is one of the most unusual party venues Dublin has to offer. What sets this Space apart is its quirky interiors, complete with exposed brick walls, bold furniture and plenty of greenery.
Whether you are hosting a smaller, intimate party or a large-scale corporate celebration, this fun Space is sure to impress your Guests.

5. Three Floors, Irish Whiskey Museum

Bar space with old-style interiors and red velvet seating
For an unusual party experience like no other, look no further than the Irish Whiskey Museum, a Space spanning over three floors. This hidden gem is a vibrant event Space equipped with everything you need to host a successful party, from a dedicated staff on-hand to answer any of your questions to cosy, welcoming interiors.
The Third Floor of the Irish Whiskey Museum has a seating capacity of 70 people, making it a versatile place to host a party of any size. No matter the style of your next party, this unique and unusual Space is guaranteed to wow your Guests.

6. 37 Dawson Street

Dimly lit bar with amber lighting and leather seating
37 Dawson Street is truly a party Space like no other, packed with unusual vintage paintings and gargoyle busts to a quirky selection of artwork that is sure to turn heads.
37 Dawson Street is located on one of Dublin’s most active nightlife neighbourhoods, so no matter where you turn you’ll see plenty of buzz and excitement. What sets this Space apart, aside from its unusual decor, is just how flexible it is. Whether you are hosting a large-scale party with 500 Guests or a more intimate party, 37 Dawson can cater to all of your party needs.

7. 9 Below

Modern bar with dark lighting and contemporary light fixtures
9 Below is considered one of the most unusual party venues Dublin has to offer. This trendy basement bar located in the heart of the city centre. Guests can expect stylish leather seating, warm, ambient lighting and a cosy atmosphere.
Stepping into this unique and unusual Space feels like you’ve stepped back in time to an old-style speakeasy with classic charm, and your Guests are sure to be impressed by 9 Below’s combination of classic and luxurious.

8. The Market Bar

Food hall with steel beams and exposed brick walls - an unusual party venue in Dublin
The Market Bar is a unique and unusual party venue in Dublin’s most diverse areas. Market Bar offers a range of individual party Spaces for hire, with a seating capacity ranging from 60 to 1200.
Each Space has its own quirky ambience and charm, making Market Hall a fun, versatile venue for your next party. The options are plentiful when it comes to event features, from professional light, sound and staging capabilities to expert event production options.
No matter your event, this eclectic and impressive venue is sure to wow your Guests.

There you have it, a selection of the most unique and unusual party venues in Dublin. Search, book and pay with HeadBox for the perfect spot to host your next event. If you didn’t find what you were looking for, check out our other Dublin venues.



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