For our latest edition of ‘HeadBox Life’, we caught up with our Customer Success Intern, Ben Barbour to find out what he has learned from his time at HeadBox and his advice for people looking to join a start-up.

Can you give us some background on your career so far and how you came to be at HeadBox?
I am just about to enter my second year at the University of Edinburgh, studying Economics & Economic History. 
Alongside my studies, I work as a freelance videographer and editor for a number of football agents producing ‘showreel videos’ of their players. I am also a keen football coach and am slowly working my way through the relevant coaching qualifications at the moment. 
Because I have an interest in entrepreneurship I decided to look for a summer internship in a start-up and came across HeadBox. Thankfully, they took me on board!
What are your career ambitions and how do you see your time at HeadBox helping you achieve them?
With three years of university remaining, if I am totally honest, I am still not entirely sure as to my career ambitions. 
However, HeadBox has definitely piqued my interest in joining a start-up because the fast-paced and changing nature of the work is something which really appeals to me. 
My time at HeadBox has hugely helped me understand how a business operates, how a team culture is so crucial for the business, and how to set about creating this. 
I truly believe that this experience will be really useful in any role I have in the future.

What is your role at HeadBox and what does a typical day involve?
A typical day involves arranging and booking in 3D shoots, ensuring the date and time works for both our photographers as well as the venue. 
I am also on hand to answer any questions on the 3D process which involves talking our Host venues through the process and helping them to fill in the relevant forms. 
Aside from this, I have been getting involved with various teams helping them with tasks such as listing venues on the platform and reaching out to hosts to improve and optimise their listings.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at HeadBox?
I have definitely enjoyed being valuable to the business and being part of a collaborative team and have really enjoyed working and contributing to the different teams within the business.
But, what I have enjoyed the most is helping venues to solve their problems and making the most out of their listing on the HeadBox platform.
What has been the biggest learning from your time at HeadBox?
The importance of the office buying into the overall goal of the business. 
It is all very well everyone in the office performing their individual role, but if they aren’t geared towards the overall aim of the business, then nobody is going to reach their targets. 
It has been really interesting to see how HeadBox instils a real team ethic into their day-to-day operations.
What would be your advice for people thinking about joining a start-up?
Do it! The HeadBox office is a fun place to work, and even as an intern I was given plenty of responsibility. Having that added responsibility is definitely one of the greatest upsides of getting involved with a start-up.
You are also working within a growing business, which means you can learn so much by dipping into different sections of the business which helps you add to your skillset.
Lastly, how would you describe life at HeadBox?
HeadBox is a great place to work. The culture is great and with a young energised team, there is a feeling that things are happening and the business will only continue to grow. 
The training sessions put on by the management team are great and I really felt as if I learned something in each session. HeadBox will really push you to reach your potential and really invest time in getting you there. This is what creates a great atmosphere of improvement and striving to be the best you can be.
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