For our latest edition of HeadBox Life, we caught up with our Country Manager in Ireland, Marie Amond. Here, Marie tells us how HeadBox Business is revolutionising the way companies in Ireland are able to manage their entire meetings and events programmes.

Marie joined the HeadBox team in September this year alongside our Senior Business Development Manager in Ireland, Ciarán Storey. In this interview, Marie tells us about her career so far and why Ireland was the first country we chose to kick-start our European expansion.

Tell us about your career so far and how you came to be at HeadBox?

My background is in management positions covering operations and business development. Most recently I led a business that introduced a brand new technology called Invisalign into the dental industry in Ireland. 
Invisalign as an orthodontic medical device moved dentistry from an analogue process to digital but now I am hugely excited to have the same challenge working with HeadBox to disrupt another industry in Ireland!

What is a typical day like for you at HeadBox? 

So far there has been no such thing as a typical day. One thing is for sure and that is that every day is exciting because we have the enviable job of transforming the events industry in Ireland and EMEA. 
In the last few weeks, the best days for me have been those that have seen us in front of customers and potential customers. It has been great showcasing the HeadBox Business technology and making sure customers know the positive impact it will have on how they plan, build, manage and track all of their meetings and events across Ireland.

CEO and Founder Andrew Needham with our Irish team, Ciaran and Marie

Why did you decide to join HeadBox? 

Pure passion and belief are both extremely important when introducing any new product. HeadBox communicates this so well to potential employees that I was hooked straight away. 
I couldn’t wait to take on the challenge of building something from the ground up.
HeadBox has created an ecosystem of products and solutions that are so easy to get behind and believe in and I was excited to be a part of their mission to reinvent the global events industry through technology.

HeadBox took its first steps into Europe by launching in Ireland back in April

Why did HeadBox decide to choose Ireland as the first country to kick-start HeadBox’s European expansion?

Ireland is a huge hub for global companies, with many centralised teams there managing international events calendars, not just locally but in the UK and internationally as well. 
HeadBox Business enables those companies to manage their entire meetings and events programmes across multiple teams and by having Ciarán and myself based in Dublin, it allows us to get a better understanding of the wants and needs of our Irish customers that are getting the most out of HeadBox Business.

The Guinness Storehouse was one of the first Irish venues to be listed on the HeadBox platform

What is your favourite Irish venue on HeadBox? 

There are so many iconic Irish venues available to hire on the HeadBox platform, I think it would be impossible for me to choose just one. There’s the Guinness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery as well as some very well-known sporting locations such as Croke Park and Aviva Stadium. But there are also so many hidden gems throughout the country as well that you just have to see.
Picking a favourite? Impossible, I couldn’t choose just one so I’ll leave that up to our corporate customers booking through our Business platform!
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