With the Lead Feed you can access a live feed of relevant leads and close them your way, commission-free. That’s right, one straightforward subscription and you get all the leads you can eat for a year. We stay out of your way and you do your magic.

Sounds pretty good right? We agree. After taking a long hard look at marketplaces, we concluded they just don’t work, so we took a new approach. Who wants to sit around waiting for enquiries to come in when you could be pro-active? Why get spammed with enquiries that just aren’t relevant when you could just focus on the ones that fit?

The Lead Feed process is simple:

1: Filter and browse hundred of leads to find the best ones for your spaces

2: Send personalised messages to tell people why your venue is the best

3: If the enquirer is keen, you’ll receive their contact details

4: Pick up the phone and close that deal

Get Insights

On top of the amazing opportunities Lead Feed provides to help grow your business, we’ve now introduced Insights – the best way to monitor your activity and maximise your success.

Insights provides an overview of your Lead Feed performance, showing the number of messages sent and their potential value, along with the number and value of the leads that have responded to you. 

To help you benchmark yourself, we offer comparison and average stats from other Hosts using the Lead Feed. We also give you an overview of general Lead Feed activity in your area, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and observe any changes in demand. 

All these stats can be filtered by each of your venues, date and also by event type – allowing you to really drill into your performance and refine your approach to maximise success. 

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