Before we launch into 2022 it is important to reflect briefly on our achievements in 2021. They demonstrate the resilience, creativity and flexibility of the wonderful HeadBox team and should give all our customers, partners and stakeholders the confidence and optimism that 2022 is going to be a strong and exciting year for all of us. Here are just some of our key highlights.

Squad collaborations – this year we introduced squads to help cross-team collaboration. It’s been incredible to see how much we can achieve when we come together to solve problems as one team.

The live events comeback – seeing live events return so strongly in September, October and November was a joy – and watching our client services and event management teams come together to deliver a huge three months was even more rewarding.

Lead Feed acceleration – Lead Feed, a live feed of relevant leads that venues can book their way, without commission, continued to go from strength to strength, its sales rocketing in such a short period of time. Our sights are firmly set on rolling this out across the UK, so watch this space.

Smart Book progress – the combined effort from the Smart Book squad to deliver impressive progress under intense and challenging circumstances. Their commitment to solving major problems for our customers through automation is unrivalled.

HeadBox Business wins – we beat traditional agency incumbents to win 4 significant multi-year contracts from FTSE 100 companies in the media, professional services and FMCG sectors.

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Brand and product positioning – we worked hard to create a brand narrative and product positioning statements that showcase exactly what HeadBox is and the problems that we’re solving for our customers.

SEO implementation – we hired a world class Head of SEO to supercharge our SEO, alongside the formation of our new 2022 acquisition squad to support this.

New HeadBoxers – the arrival of so many new HeadBoxers to carry the charge into 2022.

Our fundraise – the closing of our £2M fundraise with Deepbridge Capital on the back of a pandemic.

Our unsung heroes – you know who you are in HeadBox (Ana, Hanife and Amelia) for all your incredible work behind the scenes to keep the financial engine room motoring.

Our Hoscar winners (HeadBox Oscars) – well done to all the deserved Hoscar winners and nominees for being an inspiration to all of us.

Finally, and most importantly, throughout 2021 every HeadBoxer has consistently demonstrated our values – Brilliance, Integrity, Curiosity and Empathy to each other, to our customers and to everything we do.

All of this means we are in a much better and stronger position than we were 12 months ago.  We have achieved a huge amount and you should all feel extremely proud of what we have accomplished. 

This, together with the protection afforded to us by the vaccine and booster programme means the current covid uncertainty will be just a bump along our growth trajectory out of the pandemic. We should all look towards 2022 with positive resolve and optimism and we’re looking forward to taking you on the journey with us.