The City’s tech-first mini-golf venue is a haven of sensors, prizes and flashing lights.

Looking down from the circular atrium of the No.1 Poultry building, you might be a little confused. 20 feet or so below, there is a buzz of people putting, swinging and generally enjoying themselves.

Though discreetly slotted into the basement of the famous postmodern building, there is nothing understated about Puttshack’s Bank outpost. Inside is a veritable carnival of neon lights and instagrammable golfing courses, with city workers and day-trippers getting giddy with delight.

Some of the games offer prizes ranging from drinks and pizza to another game, free of charge.

In all honesty, London is not wanting for fun mini-golfing spots. Puttshack, however, have their own unique take on things. Each ball has a sensor inside, meaning your every swing (and mis-swing) is recorded and displayed on the many screens dotted throughout the venue. This means a few things:

A) No cheating

B) No scored cards or pencils you inevitably loose

C) Everyone can see your wins and losses

It’s a genuinely refreshing take on a tried-and-tested activity and surely has to be the future for mini-golf venues. The courses themselves live up to the tech. The venue has a range of interactive rounds that allow you to win prizes, play truth or dare or even experience a golf/Pacman hybrid game (inventively named Puttman – make of that what you will). We were also informed that some of the interactive games can be curated for your private hire, which is pretty cool.

Watch out for the ghosts and the Namco legal team.

Speaking of private hire, there are many, many, many spaces to rent out, alongside the whole venue – so your 650 person corporate blow-out is as viable as your 30 person 21st Birthday party. There is also direct access from Bank station, so come a rainy day this is definitely a great shout.

Keeping fed and watered during the fun is not an issue. The bar serves up an impressive range of garish cocktails and the standard roster of beers and wines are available, with the option to order drinks from the course itself. Your food options don’t disappoint, either, with everything from stonebaked pizzas and burgers to gyoza and sushi.

Puttshack Bank also offer a decent selection of post (or pre) golf treats

Verdict: It can be tough to stand out amongst the seemingly endless sprawl of London activity venues, thankfully Puttshack do a good job. Embracing tech and getting creative with the courses gives the Bank venue an edge, and it’s well worth a trip – just don’t think you can hide your hole-in-6 from your mates.


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