Creating the perfect HeadBox listing

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Want to know how to create the perfect HeadBox listing? You’ve come to the right place!

Now you’ve set up your profile on our venue listing website and joined the HeadBox Host community, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of the platform.
HeadBox is the UK’s fastest-growing online marketplace for meeting and event Spaces. We believe that technology is the key to solving our customers’ problems. The HeadBox platform allows Guests to search, book and pay online for venues in an easy and seamless way.
As venue listing websites become increasingly competitive, you want to make sure your listing stands out above the rest! So, there’s no better time to get your HeadBox listing up to scratch to increase the amount of enquiries and bookings you receive through the HeadBox platform.
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Writing the Space description on your venue listing

As the venue Host, you are responsible for your listing and the content you provide. Let’s start with the Space description on your listing. We’ve created a few guidelines that will make listing your venue as easy as possible:

  • The venue name is the name of your whole establishment.
  • The Space name is the name of the specific Space for hire within your venue.

a screenshot of a venue listing website
(For example, if you are listing a meeting room within a hotel, the venue name is that of the hotel, and the Space name is the name of the meeting room.)
You can create multiple listings for several Spaces within a single venue.

  • Please describe your Space in as much detail as you can, trying to give the Guest as much information as possible to encourage them to book the Space.
  • Include practical information, but try to give an idea of the feel and look of the Space too.

Alongside your photos, your description should give Guests everything they need to feel confident about booking your Space.
We offer a copywriting service for a small fee, should you wish to have your listing written for you. Please contact us on for more details.

Setting up your Dynamic Pricing

Next up is pricing. HeadBox is the UK’s only SaaS-enabled marketplace that allows Guests to search, book and pay online for venues. Due to our built-in booking and payment feature on the site, it’s important that your prices are as clear and transparent as possible.
As a Host, you are fully responsible for setting your Prices and your Damage Deposit. This is one of the most important parts of your Space listing. Below are some tips on how to set the best price for your Space:

  • Be open and honest

Nothing will be gained from misleading your Guests on your pricing. So, ensure you are happy with your pricing before you upload your listings.

  • Set different rates

As a Host, you are able to set different pricing for Guests depending on when and for how long they book your Space. There’s more information on our Dynamic Pricing feature here. Dynamic Pricing allows you to list three main types of price: venue hire, minimum spend and delegate rates. You can specify exactly which time slots correspond to each price type and which days of the week this price is available to book.

  • Do some research on local hourly rates of similar Spaces to your own.

Base your hourly rate on your research, and adjust your rate in relation to your own Space’s size and features. As an incentive for someone to book for a day we would encourage you to ensure booking for a day is cheaper than booking for every hour of that day individually.
For more information on how to price your Space, please feel free to Contact Us or watch this short video on Dynamic Pricing.


Photos of your Space

Last but certainly not least, are the photos on your venue listing. Photos are a hugely important part of your listing. They can give Guests the confidence to book a Space without having to see it in person first, saving time, money, and effort on both sides. Photographs that are visually appealing (but honest!) are key to standing out and attracting Guests to book your Space.
Make sure the photos are high quality, not pixelated or blurry, and show the Space in different setups or events. If you would like to arrange for a HeadBox photographer to visit your Space, please email us at with your name, the rough size of your Space, and its location.
If photos aren’t enough to help you stand out from similar venues, be sure to check out HeadBox 3D. HeadBox 3D is our state-of-the-art technology that allows Guests to take a 3D tour of your venue online, from your HeadBox listing.
Using our specialist equipment and expertise, we photograph your venue to create a 360 photo of the Space. The images are then edited to create a virtual tour through a dollhouse view of your venue, where Guests can navigate through each room and interact with clickable menus, videos and documents. Using 360 photos and virtual tours, your Guests have the confidence they need to book your venue online and will majorly enhance the popularity of your venue listing. 
Join the many companies using HeadBox 3D to flawlessly showcase and promote their venue to potential bookers online, such as Camm & Hooper, Camden Dining Group and De Vere.

If you want to find out more about this amazing technology, exclusive to HeadBox Hosts, then check the HeadBox page here, or send an enquiry form directly to us with some of your venue information and one of the HeadBox sales team will be in touch with a quote and the 3D shot timeline!
Another unique feature of our service is HeadBox Business, which is an all-in-one technology-led service for corporate event bookers, empowering users to realise cost and time savings across their meeting and event bookings. Our digital booking software enables companies to book and pay for thousands of venues in a matter of clicks. So make sure your listing is looking it’s best, ready for those corporate event bookers.