Last year we launched our Social Mission, to help provide Space to those who don’t have it, by donating £10,000 to our charity partner St Mungo’s each year. As well as the monetary donations, the HeadBox team were all very eager to get involved in various volunteering opportunities. For our third project of the year we spent the afternoon at the St Mungo’s Recovery College teaching the clients a beginners class in Excel.

What is The Recovery College?

The Recovery College is a very special place set up by the St Mungo’s team. At its heart is the belief that learning can be a life-changing experience and make a real difference to peoples’ recovery and wellbeing.
Almost all the courses St Mungo’s offer are designed and delivered on a voluntary basis. The courses are run by a range of volunteers including: St Mungo’s clients, staff, members of the public and corporate partners who want to share their skills.
When he heard about these amazing workshops, we couldn’t wait to take part. So we signed ourselves up to run an Excel for Beginners course at the Recovery College in Borough.

What we did

On Thursday 11th October, three members of the HeadBox team headed down to The Recovery College to get ready for our Excel for Beginners workshop.
We explained what Excel is, what they can personally use it for, how it is used in a business, and the main benefits it can provide.
It was a very interactive session as we took the attendees through the inputting of data into a sheet, the application of a formula, and the manipulation of data.
All the attendees then did a short test to consolidate their learning. It was great to see what everyone had learnt and to then show that they could do this on their own.

Why we did it

St Mungo’s have provided a safe and inclusive environment for development, with a focus on helping people learn and grow key life skills and build connections to thrive in the community.
We saw the opportunity to help those around us, and a responsibility to share skills we take for granted with those who could really benefit from some additional learning.
The potential change these skills could bring to the life of one of the attendees is the reason why we took part.

What the team have to say

Andy Powell Category Sales Manager at HeadBox

“Teaching the class was a fantastic experience. A brilliant, diverse group of clients meant the class took place in a collaborative, safe and fun environment. St Mungo’s are providing an exceptional service to their clients.”

Harold Adeniyi Senior Accounts Assistant at HeadBox

“It was a lovely experience! The turnout was great and the clients were so willing to learn. They made me feel very comfortable, they asked terrific questions and I feel we really made a difference in their understanding of Excel.”

Jamie Clements Senior Business Development Manager at HeadBox

“A great afternoon and an extremely rewarding experience. It was fantastic to see the clients so engaged and ready to learn. There was a real range of abilities and everyone was happy to help other people out.”

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