HeadBox is on a mission to reinvent the events industry through humankind event tech. We create products designed to digitally transform outdated processes and ultimately make our customers’ lives easier. 

Each month the Product & Tech team will take us through what they’ve been working on, showcasing key releases and updates to HeadBox products. 

This month, I want to introduce the team behind the scenes that make all this happen and why I think they’re the best team around.

As a Senior Product Manager with more than 10 years in the tech industry, I love being part of the Product & Tech team at HeadBox. Here’s why: 


The Product & Tech team at HeadBox consists of Gavin, our CTO, me (Daisy) and Dean in Product Management, Josh and Kristina in Product Design, and Nicola, Tom, Mantas, Jolanta, Vincent and Billy in Development. We span 3 decades, many levels of experience, several genders, 6 nationalities, and more. I firmly believe our diversity makes us a stronger and more creative group.


We work in a super collaborative way, with many cross-functional groups interacting across different projects. For example, we always pair a Product Manager with a Designer for the lifetime of a project, and recently we’ve introduced a Tech Lead into that dynamic to ensure all perspectives are covered whenever we tackle a problem. It works fantastically. 


Our product development process covers two main types of activity – discovery and delivery. We are committed to ensuring we explore and understand the problems we need to solve before diving in with solutions. It takes time, but it means everything we produce is in response to a well-understood problem, with lots of input from customers guiding our thinking.


HeadBox is a very results-driven company, and the Product & Tech team play a key part in that by constantly innovating, communicating and listening to our customers and colleagues. We have some of the best relationships I’ve ever experienced with other functions, such as Sales, Marketing and Customer Success, and this helps everyone to achieve their goals as a team and a business. 

You can’t have top-notch humankind event tech without a pretty special Product & Tech team, and while I may be biased, I think at HeadBox we have just that. We’ve been working flat out during 2020 to move the HeadBox product offering forward in ways that will stand the test of time and look forward to sharing more updates with you in the new year!