When executed effectively, events can help businesses attract new clients, increase sales, achieve company objectives and boost team morale. A successful event can take months of hard work, planning and preparation to bring to life. This leaves many businesses with the dilemma of deciding whether to outsource or take on the work in-house.

Managing events in-house can be fun and rewarding, enabling businesses to utilise internal talent while also providing opportunities for further development amongst team members. On the other hand, with many companies under-resourced in the events and marketing teams leading into 2022, event planning could place undue stress on the team, leaving them overstretched and under-resourced in other areas as well as limited by the team’s skill sets. 

There are a host of benefits an external events company can provide. From saving time, resources and money to effective budget management, increased innovation and creativity as well as stress reduction for your own team, strategic outsourcing provides wider business benefits as well as efficiency gains through people, processes and technology. 

With 74% of Australian companies returning to face-to-face events over the next 12 months, now is the time to evaluate your event strategies. A successful event takes a professional, experienced team to handle all the details and logistics.  With budgets and time constraints on many organisations, we’ve outlined the primary benefits of outsourcing your events in 2022 below.

Save Time and Money

Specialist event management companies have direct links with suppliers and venues, enabling them to secure more cost-effective rates through their buying authority. The best event management companies will have a vast network of trusted venues, caterers, entertainment and technology providers as well as plenty of experience negotiating with hotels, travel agencies and transport companies. In addition, outsourcing event management to an experienced team can help secure exhibitors and sponsors that you might not otherwise be able to get on board for your event. An event management company will know the right questions to ask, understand lead times as well as how to tackle any challenges you may face. Additionally, an external events company can help you manage your budget and help you stay within your means. 

Increased Innovation and Creativity

If you choose to manage your event in-house, does your team have the experience and skills to bring your ideas to life? Event agencies combine their extensive experience with the ability to think outside the box, allowing them to produce new and exciting events regularly that will wow your stakeholders and guests. Moreover, a professional event management company will likely have access to resources and technology that may not otherwise be available to you, allowing them to introduce creative and innovative solutions to cater to your event needs.

Provide Accountability and Professionalism

A good event management company will provide you with timely reports on expenditures, updating you every step of the way and making it easy for you to analyse expenses. Along with accountability, event management companies provide unsurpassed professionalism, which goes beyond the planning stage and contributes to the actual event being a success. The professionalism of your event management company will be evident to your guests, enabling a stress-free environment for everyone, which will likely result in your guests raving about your event long after it ends. 

End-to-end Management

An event management company will create a proper management strategy which takes into account all the factors of the event and a contingency plan. They will have the expertise to handle any glitches that may happen, managing any risks and uncertainties that are out of your control by formulating a proper risk management assessment and plan. 

Seamless Execution

Providing you with solutions, not problems, an external events company will reflect the stress and anxiety associated with organising an event away from your business, allowing you and your team to remain focused on your day-to-day roles. When you leave your event to the experts, you can rest assured knowing every element is planned in detail and delivered with finesse.

How HeadBox Supports Organisations

At HeadBox, we support organisations in two key areas: our technology and team. Not only do we ensure quality and compliance regulations are met, but we also offer a host of other benefits including risk management, end-to-end execution, savings in both time and money as well as smooth implementation of ideas as planned. 

Our front-end technology supports all your event bookers, including EAs, Pas, marketing and events team members, with booking all of your events throughout the year. Using a combination of people and technology, we have streamlined the research process, saving bookers hours of time, while keeping the decision in your hands when it comes to final selection on the venue.

Complementing our front-end capabilities, our backend technology focuses on supporting companies tracking event spend as well as providing them with return-on-investment (ROI) through negotiated savings, contract signing and a single payment point. For national companies with bookers across multiple cities, our unique software provides an access point to track all events activity and spend. 

Our event management team act as an extension of our clients, ensuring seamless communication, creative thinking and problem solving to deliver a successful event.

The experience that comes with professional event management is invaluable, providing a host of benefits that will undoubtedly contribute to your next event being a success. When you engage HeadBox, we add value your input and ideas. To help us build a solid relationship with our clients, we acknowledge that you know your business better than anyone and we provide the support you need to deliver an exceptional event that achieves your objectives.

To learn more about how the HeadBox team can help you bring your events to life and streamline your processes in 2022, get in touch with us today.


1. Who can use HeadBox?

Anyone! Whether you’re a corporate booker looking for a private dining room, meeting room, Christmas or EOFY party venue or you’re a social booker looking for the perfect spot to host your birthday party, hens night or wedding – HeadBox has you covered.

2. What is HeadBox?

HeadBox connects corporate and consumer bookers with venues and suppliers and is the easy way to book, manage and deliver everything in one place. No long searches, no stress, no hidden costs.

3. How do I submit an event brief?

Submitting an event brief is an easy process. Our intuitive brief builder will take you through a series of questions collecting all the necessary details needed to host a great event. We want to know details such as where your event will take place, on what date, how many people are attending, and what your total budget is. Once you submit this information, relevant and available venues will respond to your brief!

4. How long will it take for venues to respond?

Our venues are super quick to respond! You should receive responses or a proposal within 24-48 business hours.

5. What are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a venue?

The cost, the location, style, capacity & catering options.