If you’re looking for an event Space designed to impress, you can’t go wrong with COYA.

The COYA restaurant chain boasts two brilliant London locations to suit any occasion.
This London venue takes inspiration from the incredible country of Peru so get ready to immerse yourself in a cocktail of culture.  Guests are sure to discover delight after delight with private dining at COYA.
COYA restaurants have everything you’ll need for an entertaining event.

COYA Mayfair

1. Private Dining Room, COYA Mayfair 

The private dining room at COYA Mayfair isn’t one to miss, where rustic meets elegance.
The private dining room is filled with portraits and luxury furnishings, an ideal spot to host a company dinner. You and your Guests will be surrounded by splendid decor and delicious dishes. Our favourites are the crispy tiger prawns and scallops with Peruvian olives.
This small event Space boasts a beautifully intimate setting, you won’t find a Space quite like it to entertain small parties of up to 12 Guests.

2. Members’ Club, COYA Mayfair

The Members’ Club is sure to transform each Guest into a VIP, offering all its customers a feeling of luxury.
This COYA restaurant creates a divine atmosphere for intimate events and celebrations. The Members’ Club can accommodate up to 100 Guests and is flawlessly suited to lively private parties.
This Space provides classic cocktails and an incredible ambience.

3. Pisco Lounge & Bar, COYA Mayfair

Snug seating and lavish design isn’t all that this striking event Space has to offer.
COYA restaurants present the dazzling drink of Pisco. This spectacular spirit gives the Pisco Bar & Lounge its name and gives Guests a glance into Peruvian culture. A Latin American experience that won’t be found anywhere else.
This extravagant Space is ideal for intimate drinks or a lively get-together for up to 80 Guests.

4. Restaurant, COYA Mayfair

A warm, welcoming atmosphere fills the Restaurant at COYA Mayfair. The menu is renowned for its sumptuous Peruvian influences, and the restaurant offers delights such as slow-cooked pulled pork and Chilean sea bass. Your Guests are guaranteed to be indulged in this Space.
Your next company event of up to 100 Guests promises to be splendid.

5. Full Venue Hire, COYA Mayfair

COYA’s Peruvian charm seeps through the breathtaking backdrop of its Mayfair location.
This venue hire presents Guests with plush yet sophisticated surroundings. The Spaces are decorated with intricately designed mirrors and cushions. An astounding Space perfect for those big company parties.
Its capacity of 300 Guests ensures that no one will miss out on the incredible events hosted in this Space.

COYA Angel Court

1. Private Dining Room, COYA Angel Court

The private dining room pays homage to the Peruvian inspiration that makes COYA restaurant an iconic London location. This Space at Angel Court promises a perfect event.
The Space features portraits exhibiting South American figures, giving Guests an immersive experience of Peruvian culture.
This private dining room offers the ideal option for intimate events of up to 14 Guests.

2. Pisco Lounge & Bar, COYA Angel Court

The Pisco Bar & Lounge offers a range of astounding opportunities for your next event.
The Pisco Bar & Lounge is no stranger to eccentricity. The Space is decorated with flamboyant and fantastic artwork coating the walls. COYA restaurant promises a Space that brings the party to you, with all your Guests greeted by a unique and jovial atmosphere.
This bar and lounge Space allows up to 80 Guests to relax and enjoy the classic COYA atmosphere. This Space is perfect for any company occasion.

3. Restaurant, COYA Angel Court

The restaurant at COYA Angel Court is adorned with the brightest of colours and dark wooden flourishes, making its decor truly one-of-a-kind. This Space can’t be beaten for beauty.
This spectacular Space is sure to captivate your Guests and clients. Indulge your Guests with sumptuous meals of Chilean wagyu sirloin and Peruvian potatoes. These dishes are sure to make your mouth water.
This restaurant promises a superb evening for 100 Guests in the City of London.

4. Full Venue Hire, COYA Angel Court

This COYA restaurant prides itself on exhibiting the impressive Peruvian influences that make this venue so remarkable.
The vibrant accents in this Space are enhanced by copper-coloured lighting and artistically authentic furnishings. COYA restaurant boasts a Space full of stunning South American artwork.
This venue presents a capacity of up to 200 Guests. You’ll be guaranteed an evening of fun and a fantastic venue to accompany it.

Searching for spectacular with a hint of eccentric? COYA restaurant’s London venues are the ideal option for you.

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