Earlier this year we launched our Social Mission, to help provide Space to people who don’t have it, by donating £10,000 to St Mungo’s our charity partnership each year. As well as the monetary donations, the HeadBox team were all very eager to get involved in various volunteering opportunities throughout the year. This Autumn we ran our first workshop for St Mungo’s at The Recovery College teaching attendees about Google Drive.

What is The Recovery College?

The Recovery College is a very special place set up by the St Mungo’s team. At its heart is the belief that learning can be a life-changing experience and make a real difference to people’s recovery and wellbeing.
Almost all the courses St Mungo’s offer are designed and delivered on a voluntary basis. The courses are run by a range of volunteers including St Mungo’s clients, staff, members of the public and corporate partners who want to share their skills.
When we heard about these amazing workshops, we couldn’t wait to take part so signed ourselves up to run a Google Drive 101 Workshops at the Recovery College in Southwark.
leaflets about the St Mungo's Recovery Centre

What did we do?

On Tuesday 18th September three members of the HeadBox team – Liv, our Digital Content Executive, Grace, one of our Account Managers and Sergey, our Head of Product – all headed down to the Recovery College to get ready for our Google Drive 101 Digital Workshop.
teacher using an interactive whiteboard
We helped all the attendees set up their very own Google accounts, explained what Google Drive is, why it is used and some demonstrations on how to use some of the features. As well as showing them practical uses for the software within a company and why it would be used.
We also created a Google Drive 101 Cheat Sheet for all the attendees to take home with them – ready for when they need it. 
Google Drive cheat sheet from a Google Drive workshop

Why did we do it?

St Mungo’s provides a safe and inclusive environment for development with a focus on helping people learn and grow key life skills and build connections to thrive in the community. The Digital Inclusion sessions, such as the Google Drive 101 workshop we helped to run, aim to offer essential personal and professional development skills to the attendees.
This is a great cause, and an amazing way to help those learn skills that we may take for granted.

What the team had to say:

‘I wanted to give something back to help get these vulnerable people integrated back in society. Any small act a big company like HeadBox can do is really important.’

Liv Rafferty digital content executive

‘For me, the main thing is that what we did was for a good and a worthy cause. As you simply walk the streets of London you see how missing a roof over one’s head can make life really difficult for them. What we did may just be a small step but I’m glad it made a real difference for real people.’

Sergey Soloviov head of product

‘It was a really memorable experience, sharing knowledge and skills with people who are wanting to get back into the workplace. It makes you realise how difficult this can be and if we’re able to help people feel more confident and employable that is a brilliant feeling. One person just wanted to keep photos of his daughters online so he didn’t lose them, it’s lovely that we’ve helped him feel connected to his family and keep the photos forever.’

Grace Louisy account manager
Find out more information on our Social Mission, and what we’ve been doing to help St Mungo’s here.

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