Thinking of corporate event themes? We’ve got a list of the best ideas to get your party or off the ground, and to get Guests talking about it for weeks to come.

Step outside of the ordinary and think outside the box for your corporate entertainment. Planning business events or conferences is one thing, but organising a large-scale celebration where your clients need to be entertained is a whole new task.
Making sure your event is as memorable as possible is key. Anyone can hold an event but make sure yours is the event everyone remembers with these corporate entertainment ideas.
Themes can create a level of excitement around the event beforehand and gives your Guests something unique to get excited about. From classic cocktails to extravagant feasts, you need to come up with an idea where everyone is guaranteed a good time. Themed events help your Guests find common ground where they can enjoy an incredible experience together.

1. Roaring ‘20s

Transport your Guests back in time to land of the Great Gatsby. Host a dinner dance event with a sparkling drinks reception and music from the last century. The sound of jazz and the feel of ‘20s fashion will accompany your event.
Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of modern day and launch yourself, and your Guests, into a world of opportunity. Think flapper dresses, smoking jackets and lots and lots of feathers. Fill the reception area of the venue with fur coats, feather boas, headscarves and bowler hats. Get your Guests in the mood for an iconic party by encouraging participation at the door.
Embellish any venue in luxurious decor and dazzle your Guests with an event Space that makes an impact. We’ve got some remarkable venues that would act as the perfect backdrop for a 1920s event. The Banqueting House or Banking Hall create an atmosphere that can’t be matched. Ideal for black tie occasions, receptions and client entertainment. 

2. Carnival

People swinging on chairs on a fairground ride..
Started planning your summer events? Why not host a carnival-themed corporate event?
Soak up the sunshine and revel in a carnival atmosphere with your very own festival. Hire tents, entertainers and stages to make a statement with your event.
Big tops and bold colours are sure to make your event stand out from the crowd. Why not transform your festival into a branded event? Have the carnival title as your company name and host an event all about your company and colleagues.

3. Masquerade Ball

A masquerade ball mask
Add intrigue to your next corporate event by having Guests play the guessing game of ‘who’s who?’
A masquerade ball is a timeless classic when it comes to corporate event themes. An extraordinary evening with dramatic flair. You could even hold a competition for the most decadent mask, or why host a guessing game contest and watch your event go down a storm.

4. 007

A close up shot of the ace of spades
Calling all Bond fans, our list of corporate event themes just got swish.
Split your Guests into Bonds and villains, and watch the friendly competition flow. A black-tie event is sure to go down a storm, as everyone feels sophisticated and exclusive. When it comes to venue hire in London, anywhere from the bright and atmospheric Space at East Wintergarden, to a venue with historic character like The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn, you’re sure to find a Space to suit your event.
Dress it up with a bar serving classic cocktails and decor that echoes a Bond villain’s mansion, and you’re guaranteed to impress your Guests. Drinks receptions go hand in hand with this theme, so think outside the box with quirky 007 themed cocktails.  You could even host a more intimate martini masterclass for your colleagues before the event starts to really get into the 007 spirit.

5. Winter Wonderland

A ski lodge in London, with fake snow, an alpine bar and christmas trees.
At the end of our list of corporate event themes is one that seems more fitting for this time of year.
Gather all things winter-themed and host an event that’ll keep your Guests in high spirits. Sparklers and hot chocolates (maybe with a dash of something stronger), as well as themed costumes.
Organise a costume contest for the best Christmas-themed fancy dress. Or even hold your event in an outdoor location with heaters and big coats for an arctic feel. With corporate entertainment ideas from ski lodge to festive flair, the choice is yours how to personalise your event.
Corporate event themes are the best route to travel if you’re looking to impress and inspire your Guests. Add your brand into the mix and create an unforgettable event that will leave Guests talking about your company for months.
Choose from our list of incredible private party venues and tailor your event to the theme of your choice. With this list of corporate event themes, your next company party is bound to be a top hit.


One thought on “Top 5 Ideas For Corporate Event Themes

  1. Great article. I work at about 100 corporate events each year and giving an event a theme always seems to give the guests a focus point prior to the event. I have a bias towards to 1920’s themes as I have a tendency to dress that way when I work so I don’t have to buy a costume!
    Edward Crawford

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