From stylish meeting rooms and state-of-the-art conference rooms to some of the city’s largest and most unique event Spaces, The Royal Lancaster London is a well-renowned venue that can cater for every event.

Whether it’s a large corporate event, small private meeting, Christmas celebration or anything in between, we guarantee you will find the perfect Space at this spectacular London venue.
Let us take you through their collection of unique Spaces that will take your event to the next level.
Nine Kings Suite

The Nine Kings Suite is guaranteed to impress any Guest. Revealed at the touch of a button, both the large foyer and the main area are flooded with natural light, however, the glittering chandeliers can be lowered to instantly create an enchanting, glamorous ambience in the evening.
The suite’s vast scale and adaptability form a winning combination, providing a spectacular, pillarless venue divisible into separate areas. This truly experiential Space is packed with state-of-the-art technology and is beyond impressive.
Beech Suite

The distinguishing feature of the stylish Beech Suite is the dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows with views over Hyde Park.
This quiet and private Space can accommodate up to 200 Guests either as a single meeting room or can be cleverly partitioned into three separate areas.
As with all the meeting rooms at The Royal Lancaster London, the Beech Suite is equipped with sophisticated lighting and advanced technology. The room design is inviting and contemporary with a perfect balance of formality and comfort.
Westbourne Suite

This spacious suite is world-renowned as one of the finest banqueting venues. Comfortably accommodating up to 1200 people, this technically advanced event Space is particularly suited to events involving elaborate presentations.
Lighting, sound and visual technology have been ingeniously designed and integrated to provide a ready to go, functional and cost-effective event Space.
The suite can be split into four separate areas, its load-bearing hanging bars are recessed out of sight into the ceiling and it benefits from large off-street access for easy delivery and installation.
Chestnut Suite

Whether a theatre-style presentation, conference meeting or private dining, the sleek and elegant Chestnut Suite is a discerning choice.
Accommodating from 30 to 40 people, this versatile room can be transformed to match all requirements.
The design style is sophisticated and contemporary with the perfect balance of formality, comfort and privacy.
Oak Suite

The elegant Oak Suite can be arranged as a single venue for up to 150 Guests, or as two or three smaller individual rooms that be utilised as breakout Spaces.
Located on a private corridor away from all of the venue’s other meeting rooms, privacy and quiet are ensured. The impressive floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural light or can be partially or fully blacked out if you prefer.

For a medium-scale private meeting room hire for 12 to 16 attendees the Boardroom at Royal Lancaster London is an excellent choice.
Situated in a quiet and private wing of the hotel, this elegant wood-panelled room features stunning floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Hyde Park.
With its own private cloakroom and discreet professional service on call, the Boardroom is an ideal option for clients who wish to make the right impression.
So there you have it, a collection of elegant, sleek Spaces within one of the capital’s finest event venues. These multi-functional rooms are guaranteed to take any event, no matter how big or how small, to another level.

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