5-star reviews can make all the difference when it comes to receiving enquiries from HeadBox.

If you read our article, Power of Social Proofing, you’ll know how powerful online reviews can be for your venue. 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and this includes event planners. 
Research shows this also applies to professional bookers as well as birthday planners. The business advantages of social proofing are undeniable, so it’s crucial that you are getting those positive venue reviews coming in all the time.
That’s why we implemented a review system on the HeadBox platform. After every event booked via the marketplace, both the Guest and Host are prompted to leave a review for one another.
We’ve found that the best Hosts on the HeadBox platform build their success one Guest at a time
Providing an unforgettable service to your Guests plays a huge factor in your success as a Host. The Guest experience of booking an event at your venue begins with sending an initial enquiry or booking request on the HeadBox platform and extends all the way to your communication after the event has taken place, so there’s a lot to think about.
Let’s talk about what the core service provisions are that will get your venue more 5-star reviews
Hospitality is about making people feel like they belong, and the events industry is no different. As a venue Host, you create unforgettable experiences by spending time thoughtfully considering how your Guest would want their dream event to be. And you try your best to accommodate and build that vision with them. 
Let’s dive into these key considerations in venue and event management and find out how you can give your Guests a 5-star experience.

1. Qualify enquiries early

There’s nothing more stressful, for a booker or a venue than proceeding to an advanced stage of negotiation, such as a site visit, and then realising that the event is not compatible for your venue. Here are some questions that might help to qualify enquiries more efficiently. 
When the enquiry comes in:

  • Is the Guest’s event brief realistic?
  • How can you make this event work at your venue? What layout would work best?
  • Are there any potential dealbreakers that might stop the Guest from signing on the dotted line?
  • Do you have any recommended suppliers that might help bring this event to life?
  • What kind of additional information might be required? Is there anything the Guest should be aware of when it comes to access, parking, policies and venue rules?

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2. No hidden surprises

No one likes to feel like they’ve been misled. Throughout the entire enquiry and booking stage of your Guest’s event, make sure you are always transparent, open and honest.
We recommend that you ensure Guests are completely aware of any policies or potential mishaps that may affect their event ahead of time. Taking this approach prevents any breakdown in the relationship when it comes to the day of the event. 
Everyone makes mistakes and sometimes things can’t be helped, but if you let your Guest know as soon as possible and manage their expectations, they will be a lot more accommodating when it comes to leaving a review at the end of their experience.
TOP TIP: When it comes to site visits, we recommend setting your venue up in the layout they requested. Show your Guest that you’re really invested in their vision, and help them to understand exactly what the event will look like. This should also help to build some excitement!
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3. Set clear timelines 

Timelines are vital to any sales process in any industry. Making sure that your clients are absolutely clear on timelines will be hugely appreciated by any busy event booker. They help your client know what to expect and when and keep them moving towards their event in a structured and organised way.
Never underestimate the impact of a clear timeline. Make your clients feel like they’re in a safe pair of hands. They want to know that, with your help, no detail is going to fall through the cracks and cause problems on the event day. We suggest the following tips to keep timelines as clear as possible:

  • Diarise all follow-ups in your diary and your client’s, whether the follow-up is by email, by telephone, or face-to-face
  • Provide a clear agenda for any calls or site visits
  • State the result you are looking for from any follow-up 
  • Provide details of the package you are discussing
  • Confirm your payment terms
  • Confirm the process for contract signature, and your timeline for this

TOP TIP: If this is for a larger event, diarise a call a few days before the event, or a meeting with the Guest, to run through timings and make sure you are both in agreement and coordinated.

4. Be personable and professional

Try to remember as much as possible about your Guests, most importantly what the goal is for their event. We know that sometimes event ideas can become fantastical, so it’s important that you can keep the goal in mind to ensure that the final plan is effective. 
If you’ve been conversing over email or phone calls and you’re finally meeting them for a face-to-face site visit or meeting, make sure you’re ready and prepared to discuss all aspects of your previous conversations. 
It’s helpful to take notes during meetings and phone calls so you can refresh your memory later. This is another personal touch that will make your client feel like they’re in a safe pair of hands.
TOP TIP: Don’t forget aftercare! Get in touch with your client a few days after the event to find out how it went. Do they have any feedback that can help you to improve your service in future? Your Guest will have a valuable opinion that could help you get a 5-star review next time.
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The Guest’s journey when booking a venue for their event can be a long process, involving lots of stakeholders and suppliers. The whole process can be very stressful, especially when the turnaround time is quite short.
Our most successful and positively reviewed Hosts have used these methods time and again. Adopting a few of these tips will ensure that your Guests leave your venue happy, and increase your chances of receiving a glowing 5-star review later.