Have you ever considered how to build stronger, more fruitful and longer-lasting relationships with Venue Managers? London’s top venues are forming partnerships with the best Event Managers every day. Find out how you can be one of them.
As an Event Manager, you would obviously prefer to work with the best venues in town. Any experienced Event Manager will know that whether you’re organising an exclusive product launch party, a conference open to your whole industry or an offsite team meeting, the success of your event relies heavily on third-party partners like the team at the venue and your suppliers. 
Venue Managers have their own ideas of the perfect Event Manager, someone who can create and build lasting partnerships with venues and maximise the opportunities that come from a long-standing, mutually-beneficial relationship. 
We spoke to Darren Hart, Director of Sales at Camm & Hooper, Jess Preston Account Manager at Carousel and Jack Turner, Head of Event Sales at Bounce to find out what you can do to maximise your relationships with venues.

Victorian Bath House, A Camm & Hooper venue

What are the most common misconceptions that event managers have about venue teams? 

“That we will do anything for a sale! We would only want to sell something that is right and going to work for the event, or we would be left picking up the pieces. The other common misconception is that one quote is the final quote! Talk to us, tell us your budget. Being as honest as possible with the venue team allows us to work within realistic parameters. If we can’t help, we will let you know.” Darren Hart, Director of Sales at Camm & Hooper

What is the most common cause of disaster when it comes to managing events?

“The most difficult events to plan are the ones which have too many people trying to organise it at the same time. One point of contact during the planning process and on the day means that we can provide a much better service by understanding the objectives of the events and plan accordingly.” Jack Turner, Head of Event Sales at Bounce

Bounce Old Street

What is the biggest challenge when working with Event Managers?

“As a central London venue, our housekeeping rules provide the biggest challenges. Things such as rubbish disposal, access to areas and timings have to be strictly followed. Sometimes these small but essential details can be missed and it causes huge problems for us at the venue. It’s really important that the Event Manager communicates these regulations to the team who are helping on the day and to their attendees to help make sure these rules are followed.”
Jess Preston, Account Manager at Carousel


How can event managers be better partners in delivering successful events? 

“By giving us as much background as possible on the event. Why it is happening, for what purpose, what is the most important deliverable. We will then expect our Venue Manager or Sales Manager to become an extension of your team and deliver the common goal.”
Darren Hart, Director of Sales at Camm & Hooper


What is the one thing you’d encourage Event Managers to do when negotiating with venues?

“I’d certainly encourage all Event Managers to read our booking agreement carefully before signing and highlight any issues before the day of the event to avoid any last-minute rushes to solve a problem which could have been highlighted in advance.”
Jack Turner, Head of Event Sales at Bounce
As they say, knowledge is power. Armed with these tips and hints from some of the most sought-after Venue Managers in London, you should be able to maximise your relationships with venues, benefiting from stronger ongoing partnerships.

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