Standing on a historic site in the heart of London, this luxurious underground venue provides a sensational setting for a truly exceptional event. If you are looking to impress, Morton Society certainly fits the bill.

With stunning original decor, impeccable service and creative, exciting menus delivered by Executive Head Chef Ronnie Murray, the venue has everything on hand to make yours an unforgettable night.
But there’s much more to Morton Society that meets the eye. The Booze Lab is what makes this venue stand out from the crowd and provides something truly unique when it comes to a team celebration, drinks reception, Christmas party or anything in between.
But how did the idea come about and what’s involved? Camm & Hooper’s Chief Booze Engineer, Patrick Hobbs, is on a mission to make ordering a drink as stress-free as possible. Here’s how he’s managed to reduce waiting times at Morton Society, London’s newest venue.

Picture this typical scene. It’s your turn to get a round of drinks on a Friday night. You head to the bar and lean in as far forward as you can just to get the barman’s attention. No luck. The customer who got to the bar after you has been served first. It’s dreadful, it’s tedious and it’s way too common.
The average Londoner waits 12 minutes for a drink. Some might even look at that figure and count the average Londoner lucky. Playing shoulder tag with a bunch of strangers on a Friday night after a long week at work isn’t the reason why anybody goes to a bar. They’re there to relax, socialise and let off some steam.
It’s this frustration that led Patrick to create Camm & Hooper’s Booze Lab at Morton Society near Liverpool Street station. The Booze Lab is the perfect combination of Harry Potter and Willy Wonka, with jars of infused alcohol on shelves across all the walls. Patrick has numerous spirits at his disposal along with plums, strawberries, basil and even cheese that’s been infused for a month to ensure its rich taste.
“Pre-infusing the drink means half the work is already done. But with all these different infusions the next step is to experiment with mixers,” explains Patrick. “Hours are spent trialling drinks to see what quenches the palette and what might turn customers’ noses up. But knowing what works with what spirit gives the bar staff the upper hand. They know exactly what they need, when they need it, and the customer leaves with a drink they’ve never had before. 
“I’ve tested rhubarb vodka with cranberry and stilton gin with apple juice ensuring I know the proportions needed to get the right taste without overpowering the drink. The last step is to make sure you have enough of what you need. What is the classic everyone goes to? Gin and Tonic? Rum and Coke? With enough spirits and the right amount of mixer, you can shave those 12 minutes to a time that meets the demands of every customer. Now we have our infused spirit in the lab and what we’re going to mix it with, it’s showtime.”

At Morton Society it’s all about the customer. They ensure customers are shown acknowledgement.  This instant recognition means they feel that the service is quicker and leave with a round without the stress of how long they might wait.
This is a venue that simply must be experienced. As far as one-of-a-kind event venues go in the capital, there are few that do things quite as uniquely as The Morton Society.

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