How many events were cancelled due to the lockdowns of 2020? A lot! The events industry is said to have recorded losses of around $35 billion in cancelled events in 2020. HeadBox has been closely monitoring Australia’s event booking confidence and noticed a significantly positive shift in recent weeks. It’s time to get those events back in the diary, creating unforgettable memories through the medium of live events. Here are some of the events that are trending at the moment:


Covid 19 has fast-tracked the uptake of remote working online tools. Hangouts, Zoom and Teams are now all household names alongside Miro, Mentimetre and Slido supporting the needs of online workshopping. Each and every tool is great in their own right however, for us, nothing beats an in-person event. Bouncing off colleagues and clients, reading body language, understanding subtle clues, and basking in the energy of the room.

Gold Members’ Room , Stadium Australia, Sydney (Left) The Brasserie, The Lord Alfred, Brisbane (Right)

Team Get-togethers

Following in Brisbane’s footsteps on the 17th March vertical drinking resumed in NSW. If there is any excuse to bring your colleagues and friends together, this is it. No longer confined to staying seated, you can now mingle to your heart’s content, working the room to find out the latest news amongst your peers.

Club Bar, Hotel CBD, Sydney (Left) Main Stage, Smoked Garage, Brisbane (Right)

A Hybrid Conference

It sounds like something Elon Musk would produce and is now a commonplace word in the events sphere due to covid. Simply put, Hybrid means combining an in-person event with a  virtual event. Not something you are familiar with? Don’t worry HeadBox has got you covered for all of your Hybrid Conferencing needs.

Exclusive Hire, The Venue Alexandria, Sydney (Left) The Pod, Capri by Fraser, Brisbane (Right)

31 is the new 30

There is a lot of excitement about turning 30. 31 in contrast is underrated, understated, and overlooked. Until now! We’ve got the very best collection of venues for you to celebrate being the youngest in your new age bracket.

Quayside Room , Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney (Left) Exclusive Venue Hire, Mr. Mista, Brisbane (Right)

PTSD when you hear someone say Zoom Quiz?

Yeah us too! With our favourite venues back open for business we can’t wait to get our competitive kicks in. Screens down, real-life fun up!

Exclusive Hire, Netball Central, Sydney (Left) Golf School Hire, Meadowbrook Golf Club, Brisbane (Right)

Return to the office means one thing…the return of Friday drinks!

It’s time to say goodbye to your favourite WFH active-wear outfit. Staff are heading back to the office which means there are drinks to attend! Here are a few spots we think are well worth getting the team together at.

The Terrace, The Treehouse Hotel, Sydney (Right) Exclusive Hire , Cielo Rooftop, Brisbane (Left)

Third date lucky

After so many weddings cancelled or postponed, the wedding boom is back. There is expected to be between 20 – 25% more weddings than usual this and next year. With availability dwindling fast, locking in your venue is more pressing than ever.

Exclusive Hire, Empire Lounge, Sydney (Left) Garden Marquee, Victoria Park, Brisbane (Right)

Not sure where to start with your event planning, just submit your enquiry HERE and HeadBox will take care of the rest.