HeadBox 3D technology allows you to shine a light on all the benefits your venue can bring to corporate guests. 

HeadBox 3D tours have always been a brilliant sales and marketing tool for venues but over the past 18 months they have become vital as venues temporarily closed across the industry and site visits were no longer possible.

The shift to virtual over the last year has meant event bookers are now more reliant on digital methods of finding and booking event spaces. 

So, here are seven reasons why you need a 3D virtual model of your venue.

1. Enquiries and conversion

HeadBox 3D uses Dolls House 3D technology to showcase your event space to bookers. Not only does HeadBox 3D drive up to 48% more digital engagement and increase your number of conversions by 7% but it will also save time and money for you and the booker, making it an invaluable sales and marketing tool.

2. Market your venue to national businesses

Large corporates in all industries are likely to book events internationally or to run departments from a global head office. One of HeadBox’s largest corporate clients, a global media agency operating in over 120 countries, spends a total of $6m across their annual events calendar. Marketing your venue to businesses like this unlocks potential bookings from any one of their subsidiaries around the world, and repeat bookings when they have a positive experience.

3. Stay ahead of the curve

Venue marketing is changing. A new generation is rising through the ranks of your corporate clients and in the ranks of your competitors. That means you need to stay ahead of the curve to be competitive. Customers want instantly available information, accessible on mobile devices, and highly optimised so that they can find what they need with little effort.

3D technology unlocks venue marketing in a seamless, always-on, technically impressive way across any device. Whether your millennial customer favours desktop, tablet, mobile or even a VR headset, 3D technology is the most immersive way to present your offering.

4. Save time and money

Potential customers need to see your venue before they book it, that’s a fact. Without first seeing your venue, how does the customer really know that it is what they are looking for? With a sales strategy that is heavily reliant on site viewings, 3D Models will allow you to save time, money, and resource on clients looking to book your venue.

With 3D technology, potential clients can explore your entire venue online before they ever make an enquiry. With HeadBox 3D, you can embed all the added information that customers might request, such as brochures, menus, videos, floor plans and policies.

That means you receive fewer enquiries that you can’t service, and you can be confident that customers who do book a site viewing are really interested in booking it.

5. Manage suppliers 

3D models can also be used by suppliers to decide which areas of the event space work best for certain aspects, e.g. electricity points for AV, branding opportunities and floristry. This reduces the need for further site visits and allows the booker to visualise how everything will work within the venue. It’s also a brilliant tool for working out the flow of an event for optimum efficiency.

6. Consider sustainability

Sustainability is an ongoing priority for all businesses. HeadBox 3D models allow bookers to reduce their carbon footprint by cutting down on unnecessary travel to venues for physical site visits.

7. Boost your digital exposure

Our 3D Models can be embedded in your own website, social media, and your sales proposals. This allows you to reach potential customers who may not have considered your venue and further qualifies these enquiries before they attend a site visit.


1. How is the model shared with potential clients? 

Our 3D Models are a URL link so they are easily shareable. They do not require the client to download a large file. 

2. How do I prepare the space for a shoot? 

Staging is critical to the success of a 3D Model. Our photographers will use the latest technology to capture the space exactly as it is on the day of the shoot. Planning is key, we recommend that the team have the space set up in the layout and decor you want it shot in before the photographer arrives. In addition, you should ensure that no people, animals, or other distractions are present on the day of the shoot as this will distort the image.

3. Can you photoshop something out of the model post-shoot? 

The beauty of 3D Models is they give an exact representation of the space, exactly how it was shot. This means that we can’t photoshop anything out of the space. 

4. Can I embed a model into a drone photo? 

Yes! Event venues often have stunning exteriors which we love to show off. By capturing a drone photo, we can then embed your model into specific areas of the shot. 

5. Are the 3D Models shareable on social media? 

Absolutely! We recommend posting your model on social media, all of your marketing collateral such as newsletter and blogs, alongside using them in your own emails/proposals to clients. These models are saving both you & the booker time!