Updated guest experience?

We know how difficult it can be to keep on top off all the moving parts of an event, let alone when organising multiple at the same time. We spent some time talking to customers to find out what parts of the process were frustrating or time consuming. What was clear was that we could be doing a lot more to help you understand what stage an event is at, what the next steps are and most importantly who is responsible for moving things along.

Following that feedback we have created a new area for you to book and manage your events.

Now in Smart Book you can view and manage all of your active and past bookings, review responses as they come in and book all in one place. Keep up to date without the need for endless email chains and phone calls.

Better insights

In our quest to give managers better visibility of their team’s spend we have also spent some time updating our data structure and insights dashboard.

We have simplified the dashboard for better readability at a glance. Find the metrics that are important to you in a flash!

There is now better visibility on how your team books different types of events. Easily spot trends and spending habits, and take control over your meetings and events program without getting lost.

We know that if you’re a numbers person you will want to deep dive into the data. We want to ensure you can do that with ease, you can now view the data that feeds the dashboard and download it as a .csv.