A good meeting room is more than a comfy chair and a coffee machine that doesn’t feel like an assault against the barista community. Truly excellent meeting rooms inhabit a space that benefits the meeting itself – bolstering creativity; birthing new and creative ideas. Manchester’s many offices and workspaces play host to a wide range of meeting rooms and workshops that you can hire out. Here are a few of the best ones. 

Dalton Suite, Science and Industry Museum

A meeting room for the industrious – Dalton Suite, Science and Industry Museum

The normal roster of identikit meeting rooms can sometimes make the meeting itself feel stale and unproductive.

Shake off the cobwebs with a meeting room that is literally situated in a museum dedicated to innovation. Benefitting from the high ceilings of a converted warehouse, the Dalton suite gives you all the expected meeting space facilities, with the novelty of a genuinely inspiring setting.

The Edwardian Manchester Meeting Room

A meeting space for and by professionals –  The Edwardian Manchester

Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the experts.

The Edwardian Manchester is Radisson’s Manchester flagship and boasts a range of refined meeting rooms for whatever professional event you may be wanting to have.

Take Private Room 6, for example – this space can host meetings, dinners or small conferences and boasts a wall to ceiling window to stop you and your guests from feeling cooped in. 

Jacamar Yacht

A meeting room for the adventurous –  Jacamar Yacht 

Like doing things differently? Hire out a 130ft luxury yacht and impress your colleagues with this city-centre yacht within sight of the imposing Old Trafford stadium.

With space for 15 guests, TVs and even three bedrooms to retire to, all you have to do is try and not fall in.  

Victoria Suite, Manchester Victoria & Albert Hotel

A meeting room for lovers of natural light and outdoor space – Victoria Suite, Manchester Victoria & Albert Hotel

An airy meeting space in the heart of a 4-star hotel, this V&A room excels at all the expected touchpoints of a good meeting room.

Bathed in natural light and offering access to an outdoor area, the ever-present threat of office fatigue can be avoided with this genuinely pleasant space. Expect a variety of seating setups and hotel-quality service. 

Chamber Space

A boardroom for high-level meetings – Chamber Space

Sometimes you need to be out to impress.

Chamber Space’s boardroom makes use of its setting – the prestigious Manchester Chamber of Commerce – and surrounds your meeting in plush furnishings and characterful wooden panels. It’s a meeting space to show off a certain old-world dignity and quiet confidence.

The meeting room holds thirty comfortably and comes with all the bells, whistles and service you’d expect. 

The Director's Room, Kimpton Clocktower

A meeting room all the attendees will remember – The Director’s Room, Kimpton Clocktower

Easily the most impressive space on this list, The Director’s Room at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel (previously known as the Principal Hotel) is for those meetings where you have to secure a positive outcome.

The hotel itself is an impressive spot, the eponymous tower dominates the Mancunian skyline and will be familiar to anyone who knows the city.

The meeting room itself does not disappoint, either – high ceilings, wide fireplaces and hanging chandeliers create an atmosphere of distinguished opulence. This one will close the deal. 

Big ideas space, INNSIDE Manchester

A meeting room to get creative in – Big ideas space, INNSIDE Manchester

A breath of fresh air for those looking for something more contemporary and left of field. This creative workspace is big, bright and unusual.

Relax on comfy sofas, workout with exercise balls or even get your thoughts written down on the walls themselves, it’s a great space for lateral thinking and getting outside of the box.

Club Room, Host Social

A meeting room for privacy – Club Room, Host Social

Encased in beautiful Crittla-glass windows that can be curtained off to ensure a genuinely private meeting space, Host Social’s Club Room offers 16 lucky attendees the chance to experience a beautiful, versatile space in the well connected Salford area. 

The Den at Deaf Institute

A meeting space with its own bar – The Den at Deaf Institute 

An intimate subterranean setting for meetings that would benefit from being well-lubricated, The Den oozes cosy, comfortable energy.

With room for up to 60 guests, this one is for those who like to blend business with pleasure and move seamlessly from coffee to cocktails. 

The Workshop, Department Bonded Warehouse

A meeting room for lovers of high ceilings – The Workshop, Department Bonded Warehouse

Located in a converted industrial building within throwing distance of the River Irwell, The Workshop blends the old and new with style.

Expect high-spec tech to supplement your meeting, whilst the high rafters and wide windows ensure that you and your colleagues have space to reach for those big ideas. 


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