We sat down with the team at Lumiere London to hear all about the story behind the Space. Find out all about Lumiere London below, from where their venue concept was born to where they see the venue going in the future.


1. Where is Lumiere London?

Lumiere London is centrally located in SE1, with connections to the mainline railway, overground, river ferry, city airport and 4 tube stations within minutes. This is a big factor for events organisers and makes it a prime choice for any of your upcoming corporate events.

2. What’s the story behind Lumiere London?

Lumiere London was founded by fashion photographer Carlos Lumiere in 2005. It started as a photographic studio in the famous Menier Chocolate Factory in London Bridge, and over time it expanded into a Space used by third parties for filming and corporate events.
In 2014, Carlos and his team chose to take on an even larger venue in Southwark, impressing clients with his unique eye for light, creative decor and interior design. As the client base grew, so did Lumiere London LTD and we now have four individual studio Spaces.
the gallery at lumiere london is a cool loft style event space with sofas and larry wallpapaer

3. What is different about Lumiere London?

Lumiere has found a unique niche in the event market, offering a very informal environment that can host a very formal meeting and workshop Space. Every studio has its own unique theme, all of which offer a very comfortable and inviting atmosphere and plenty of natural light.
Along with a very accessible central location and good connectivity to transport, it has found a very favourable spot for all our high profile clients. We have a small dedicated and very personal team, we try to be flexible and aim to accommodate most of our client’s needs.

4. What inspired Lumiere London’s mission?

Without a doubt, Lumiere London’s mission is to offer a friendly and warm service in a unique surrounding. It all started with Carlos’ background in fashion – as a seasoned photographer he used to live in New York, Paris, Milan and Miami, mixing with artists and high profile clients from around the world. When you are in this position, you certainly learn a thing or two in communicating with a wide range of personalities and develop an eye and attention for details and design. This philosophy has been successful, as proven by the overwhelming and consistent responses we get from our clients.
the white loft at lumiere london

5. What’s the most unique thing about Lumiere London?

The warm friendly and sincere approach from our team to all our clients, from the individual organising her birthday party to the dozens of people involved with large corporate events. And certainly Carlos’ style in decorating each of the four studios individually.   

6. What brilliant things have happened within the Space?

We are proud to have hosted a wide range of events and film shoots for clients as diverse as Unilever, Nestle, Cadbury, IKEA, Yves Saint Laurent, BT, Addidas, Puma, Nike, Samsung, Facebook, BBC, ITV, Walt Disney and the Orient Express – to name just a few.
a cool gallery event space at lumiere london

7. What’s next for Lumiere London?

The future is bright for Lumiere London! We are near final talks to acquire an additional grand and luxurious studio with even the name of the location creating an air of sophistication and grandeur. We expect that we are in the position of announcing Lumiere London’s newest studio soon, which will, of course, mean a rapid expansion in terms of services, staff members and choice for our established and future clients. In the long run – and based on the feedback we receive from our European clients – we are considering expanding the Lumiere London brand internationally. Our core team comes from many corners of Europe and with an arsenal of ten languages, we can converse with many of our EU neighbours.
If you want to know more about the amazing Spaces at Lumiere London, then check out our HeadBox Hotspot blog here. Or go straight to the listings and message the venue for more information.