HeadBox took some time to chat to the Regional Conferencing Sales Manager for the South at Vue Entertainment, James King, about some of the great factors of this iconic cinema chain.

1. What makes Vue stand out among other cinema venues?
Constantly growing the technology on offer in our sites to offer our clients true flexibility and scalability in the events that they run, makes Vue stand out above the rest. Our in-built fibre streaming allows conferences to be live streamed across the country to multiple sites, even allowing multi-way communication so two parts of a company in opposite ends of the country can interact during a conference, without the need for everyone to travel miles to the same venue. This combined with the expertise of our events team, who are constantly sharing new ideas with one another, always results in an enjoyable experience for our clients and their delegates.

2. What’s the best feature of Vue cinema?
Vue focuses on three main areas in our sites, the screen, sound and the seating. This guarantees your presentations and videos are always shown in the best quality, ensuring your delegates are always captivated and engaged while sitting comfortably in our new leather seating being rolled out. Along with the new seating being installed in our program of refurbishment we have also installed digital advertising screens across the majority of our venues, this enables our clients to re-brand the entire site, cost-effectively and adding an extra level of impact to your event to ensure the message sticks with your delegates.
3. What great events have you hosted in the past?
The events that have really caught my attention in the past are where clients have utilised the screen and sound on offer to their full potential. One that stands out is a record label hosting an internal employee update, shown predominantly through music videos, both past and present. Everyone in the audience was passionate about music, and this brought that passion out in their staff and made a company update meeting truly enjoyable, even from an outside perspective, to watch.
The other side is when earlier this year, a client utilised the technology that Vue has in-house and streamed an event across roughly 30 sites to 3000 delegates simultaneously to run a training program. The time and money saved by hosting this event, truly shows how the scalability of events at Vue can benefit our clients.

4. As an events venue, what would you say is better about hiring Vue than other Spaces?
Vue offers complete flexibility in what we can offer regarding availability, catering and AV specifications. If you needed a company update meeting for an office of 500 staff for two hours, we are happy to accommodate this, all the way through to full production and multi-site events. Our in-house team, work with a select few trusted suppliers to ensure your requirements are met to fit your budget and ambitions for the event while making it as seamless as possible at your end. Best of all our caterers are always creating bespoke and themed catering options for the events we host, to ensure your delegates are never complaining of boring bog standard buffet food.

5. What’s next for Vue cinema?
Vue is constantly expanding in the UK and Ireland where our main focus is, but hopefully, we can push out our offering into our venues across Europe by the end of next year. We are also continuing to roll out our seating and site refurbishments throughout 2019, as well as converting more sites to accommodate digital advertising. We also look forward to our existing and new clients coming on board, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for events at Vue from both the production and technology side to create some truly memorable experiences for everyone involved.

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