Finding the perfect venue for your event is never an easy task. You only get one chance to make an impression when your Guests walk through the door, so taking your time and doing your research is all-important. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to carry out site visits to make sure that the venue suits your purpose and to avoid any nasty surprises. 
Site visits are the ideal time to ensure all your questions are answered, from logistics and catering to transport links. 
To help you prepare for a successful site visit, we’ve created a list of site visit questions to ask that you might not have thought to and why it’s important to ask them.

1. Have you held similar events before?

It’s useful to know if the venue has held an event like yours before. This way you’ll know if they are familiar with how it should run and any common problems that might occur, and crucially how to fix them.

2. How will the Guests enter – is there a private entrance? Is it accessible?

Where and how your Guests enter your event will be their first impression so you need to nail it. If the venue has multiple uses (i.e. a hotel) then it’s worth asking if there is a private entrance you can use for your event. Make sure your entrance is accessible or there is alternative access for Guests who need it.

3. Do you have a strict preferred suppliers list?

Some venues work with a ‘preferred suppliers list’, which means they work with a specific set of suppliers that they know and trust. Often venues are flexible with these lists but there’s no guarantee. So, if you want to bring in external suppliers that aren’t on their list then you need to check that they’ll allow it.

4. What is the full access time you would be able to offer?

Does your event involve a lot of production or set up? If the answer is yes, you need to work out the total time it will take and ask the venue what time you’d have access to the Space. The same goes for breakdown, ensure that the venue is aware and can accommodate the time you need.

5. Is the furniture removable and does this incur any cost?

You might have a very specific layout in mind for your event that means you need to move resident furniture around. So, firstly you need to know if it’s possible to move it, if there’s anywhere to store it offsite and if there are any associated costs that you’ll need to budget for.

6. Are there any restrictions I need to be aware of?

This could be anything from noise to licensing or even restrictions on where food and drink can be consumed. This is something to be particularly aware of if you’re looking to hire a heritage venue or a museum. 

7. Is there parking on-site and where are the nearest transport links?

Getting your Guests to your event without a hitch should be a top priority. Choosing a venue that’s easy to find, with great transport links will mean your Guests arrive relaxed, happy and looking forward to your event. 
Armed with these site visit questions you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your chosen venue is exactly what you need to pull off a brilliant event. 
If you need a hand finding the perfect venue, send us your event brief today.

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